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Dear Hostos Community,

Please join me (without “replying all”) in congratulating our recently tenured faculty:


Jason Buchanan

Dr. Jason Buchanan joined the English department at Hostos in 2012, after teaching in Lima, Peru. Professor Buchanan has been a member of the CTL Advisory Council and the Editor of Touchstone. Currently, he is the Developmental Course Manager and the Secretary of the CUNY Writing Discipline Council. During his time at Hostos, his work on contemporary Irish and British literature has been published in such journals as Studi Irlandesi: A Journal of Irish StudiesStudies in the Humanities, and Modern Fiction Studies. His work on gentrification in post-9/11 New York City was included in the book The City Since 9/11. Additionally, he has written on the connection between popular culture and philosophy for collections on the tv show Futurama and Orwell’s 1984. He is very thankful for the amazing colleagues and students that make Hostos such an extraordinary institution.


Kristopher Bryan Burrell

Dr. Kristopher Bryan Burrell is Assistant Professor of History in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department. He earned his doctorate in U. S. History from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2011. His research interests include the civil rights movement in New York City and twentieth century African American intellectual history. He has published in the Western Journal of Black Studies, the Journal of Southern History, and Hispanic Educational and Technology Services journal. Dr. Burrell has also published book chapters in The Strange Careers of the Jim Crow North: Segregation and Struggle outside of the South (2019) and in Developing Educational Technology at an Urban Community College (2019). He also speaks locally on a range of African American history topics. Dr. Burrell is currently working on a book manuscript titled, Outsmarting Racism: New York’s Black Intellectuals and Theorizing Northern Racism, 1945-1968. He is also the Liaison for Online Learning at the College.


Sarah Hoiland

Dr. Sarah L. Hoiland, Behavioral and Social Sciences Department, was selected for the prestigious Mellon/ACLS Fellowship (2019-2020) for her research on alternative feminisms in motorcycle clubs and forthcoming book Righteous Sisterhood:  Constructing a Feminist Biker Identity in a Misogynist Subculture. Dr. Hoiland conducted archival research on female bikers in California with the assistance of PSC-CUNY research grants and published in The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies (IJMS). This article was featured in CUNY SUM, CUNY Indoor Voices (podcast), and CUNY TV’s Urban U. She has analyzed qualitative survey and interview data and co-authored articles focused on Hostos students in the Hispanic Education Technology Services (HETSJournalNumeracy, and the Journal of Peer Learning. She serves as a co-Principal Investigator of the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded “Numeracy Infusion for College Educators (NICE)” Project (2016-2019), a faculty development program across CUNY in the Bronx, and reviewed proposals for NSF. Professor Hoiland serves as Chair and Coordinator of the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Committee and teaches sociology and anthropology courses integrating experiential learning, numeracy, and open educational resources in face-to-face, hybrid, and online modalities. She was elected as a two-year council representative in American Sociological Association’s Section on Teaching and Learning (2019-2022) and serves as newsletter editor. Dr. Hoiland reviews articles for IJMS and Numeracy and is a board member of the National Numeracy Network and Secretary and Board member of Roots and Action/ Raíces y Acción.


Inmaculada Lara-Bonilla

Dr. Inmaculada Lara-Bonilla, Humanities, has been a faculty member in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Modern Languages Units since 2013. She has served as the Coordinator of the former since 2015. While teaching in both units, Prof. Lara-Bonilla has been a prolific author and a colleague committed to the enrichment of our students’ and colleagues’ experiences at Hostos. As a scholar, her two most recent full-length, peer-reviewed articles are, “The Decolonial Phenomenology of Shifting: Writing Encounters in the Gloria E. Anzaldúa Archive” (Chicana/Latina Studies, Fall 2019) and “Writing Excess in Light in the Dark/ Luz en lo oscuro: Anzaldúa’s Phenomenology of Writing as a Decolonizing Tool” (Cuadernos de ALDEEU 34, Spring 2019). In addition, she has published the co-authored “Partners in Dialogue: Engaged Approaches to Pedagogy, Scholarship, and Audience-Building for BETSY!, The Appalachian-Puerto Rican Musical” with Dr. Lindsay Cummings (Public 4.1. April 2017) and  “Crafting a Latina/o Higher Education Rights Discourse in New York: The Founding and ‘Saving’ of Eugenio María de Hostos Community College” in the also peer-reviewed journal, New York History (96.2. Summer 2016). As a literary critic of Latina and Latin American literature, she published Stirred Ground: Non-Fiction by Contemporary Latina and Latin American Women Authors, Hostos Review/Revista Hostosiana 11 and her focus on this research also resulted in the stand-alone reference volume New Latina Voices: Julia Alvarez, Sandra Cisneros, and Elena María Viramontes (Gale American Literature Researcher 2017), her reference essay “Borderlands, a Feminist Concept” (Equality Archive), her the review of Estados Unidos de Banana (2016) for Chasqui (2017). As a poet, Inmaculada has published regularly in literary journals in both English and Spanish. Her poems are included in the anthology Luna y panorama entre los rascacielos [Moon and Panorama Among Skyscrapers] (2019), and are forthcoming in a second anthology to be published by Sial Pigamlión (Granada, Spain, 2020).

Prof. Lara-Bonilla has consistently created opportunities for scholarly and creative exchange among colleagues through the Humanities Tertulia series, inter-Unit collaborations, undergraduate research, or the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and she has advanced the college’s commitment to support immigrant students as a Chair and co-Chair the Hostos Immigration Work Group. More recently, she serves Director of the Latin American Writers Institute and Chief Editor of Hostos Review/Revista Hostosiana since January of 2019 and since has co-founded the first Spanish-Language Summer Creative Writing Program in the history of CUNY, published one journal issue and commissioned a second one.


Tram Nguyen

Dr. Tram Nguyen, Assistant Professor of English, has embraced the principle of community in her seven years at ​Eugenio María de Hostos Community College. She has loved teaching and advancing a variety of courses, from developmental English to Capstone. She is the Campus Leader for the Core Text Program, a multi-campus curricular grant directed by Profs. Fabrizio and Marks, which at Hostos seeks to bridge disciplinary chasms through collaborations between English, Psychology, and Sociology faculty. Dr. Nguyen has also worked extensively with the Writing Program, producing tutor instruction/training, curricular supplements for SIP, and conversations with other writing centers. She co-founded with Prof. Moses the CUNY-Wide Conference on Academic Integrity. She has served College-Wide Senate from the start of her position, and became Vice Chair of Senate in Fall 2017. While committing to the robustness of the college, she has pursued an active research profile, presenting at national and international conferences as well as publishing in four peer-reviewed journals. Most recently she led a cohort of international scholars in a seminar on food and modernist literature. Her research examines intersections between twentieth-century literature, feminism, and philosophies of ethics.


Ana Ozuna

Since joining the college, Dr. Ana Ozuna has consistently thrived as an instructor, curriculum developer, scholar, and an active member of the Hostos community. Her Afrolatinx Dominican American roots inform her teaching, research and civic engagement. Since her tenure at Hostos, she sought out ways to promote social justice and positively impact the lives of her students by creating leadership development opportunities. In recent years, beyond teaching both Black and Caribbean Studies courses, she cultivated Hostos student leaders as the advisor of the Black Student Union, Capoeira Club, Afrobeats Committee, and the Caribbean Student Association. Beyond her civic engagement, she has expanded her scholarly expertise with awards such as the PSCUNY, FFPP, and the Dominican Studies Institute research grant. In the last six years she published both peer review, general interest articles, and presented in local and international conferences featuring her research on Black resistance and rebellion in the Americas. During the Fall 2018 semester, the Dominican Studies Association successfully hosted the 8th Biennial Dominican Studies Conference. Over 100 Dominican scholars and junior scholars presented papers that explored the Dominican experience with special attention to social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Apart from participating in the logistics planning for the conference, Prof. Ozuna also recruited and trained student volunteers and poets; served as a moderator for a panel titled, “Asociación de Escritores Dominicanos en Estados Unidos y la Literatura de la Diáspora”; and presented a paper titled, “Rebellion and Anti-colonial Struggle in Hispaniola: From Indigenous Agitators to African Rebels”. Additionally, she has tirelessly participated in service projects in the Dominican Republic with organizations such as the Dream Project and Border of Lights. In 2018, she expanded her international scholar experience by serving as a Faculty Assistant for the Summer Professional Development in the Dominican Republic. Over twenty New York City educators and administrators participated in this 10-day program that started with professional development sessions in New York City. On the last day of the program, the Dominican Ministry of Education granted Professor Ozuna the Meritorious Teacher Award for my years of service and teaching excellence. Beyond the aforementioned administrative and professional activities, she served the campus community as the Hostos College-Wide Senate Black Studies Unit Representative, and as a member of the Liberal Arts Committee, Committee on Committees, Student Leadership Academy Advisory, and the Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee. She was recently voted to serve as Black Studies Coordinator, Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee and the Universal Faculty Senate.


Kathleen Ronca

Dr. Kathleen Ronca, Nursing,has been a part of the Allied Health faculty since 2013 and has been Coordinator and is currently Clinical Coordinator of the Nursing Programs since 2016. Dr. Ronca has been integral in the Nursing Unit creating the first Hybrid Nursing Course at Hostos Community College and bringing a second WI course to the Nursing program.  Dr. Ronca was also a member of the NYC Nursing Education Consortium in Technology and received a grant for $2000 that was directed to the LPN program for review courses.  With a background as an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Ronca brings expertise to students in the clinical, classroom and simulation lab.  Dr. Ronca attended specialized training at NYSIM “The New York Simulation Lab” at the NYU School of Medicine.  This training allows her to provide a dynamic interactive experience for our nursing students.  Dr. Ronca received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lehman College, a Masters Degree in Nursing from Lehman College.  She then went on to Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing for a Post Masters Degree as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  Dr. Ronca received a Post Masters Degree as an Adult Nurse Practitioner from the College of Mount Saint Vincent.  Dr. Ronca received a Doctor of Nursing Practice at Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2014.  The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program educates nurses for the highest level of clinically expert practice.  Dr. Ronca authored a dissertation titled “Reducing wait time with the Emergency Severity Index 5 Level Triage Algorithm in the Emergency Department”.  Dr. Ronca is also active in her home community of Peekskill, New York as a member of the city’s Office of Emergency Management’s Community Emergency Response Team and playing a broader role as their Medical Affairs Advisor.  In addition, Dr. Ronca is a CCD teacher in her local Catholic Church for a sixth grade group of students.


Edmé Soho

Dr. Edmé Soho, Mathematics, has been a faculty member at Hostos Community College since 2013, where he has been instrumental in teaching, research, and service. Professor Soho is chairing MAT100 and MAT160 committees, where he co-created a comprehensive review booklet and workbook with QR code, and designed the final exam. As member of MAT150 committee, as well as Pre-Calculus and Calculus sub-committees, he respectively contributed to writing the course assessment, as well as developing standardized syllabi. He is also a full-fledged member of ETLC as well as PRIME. Professor Soho has presented professionally in many conferences, such as at CUE, the

CADE conference – Accelerated Learning Program, The Fifth International Scholars Chairs Congress, Pedagogy Day 2019, or as judge at the NYCSeF, thus successfully and effectively representing Hostos, and CUNY. In addition to educating students on research and its methodology, Professor Soho has and also published in reputable peer-reviewed journals and bridged interdisciplinary fields with Mathematics, which is commendable.

  • Connecting Immunology and Epidemiology. Soho, E., & Wirkus, S. (12/2018). Mathematical Scientist, vol. 43(2), 63 -70.
  • Soho E., Wirkus S. (2019) Within Host Dynamical Immune Response to Co-infection with Malaria and Tuberculosis. In: Berezovskaya F., Toni B. (eds) Advanced Mathematical Methods in Biosciences and Applications. STEAM-H: Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics & Health. Springer, Cham

His publication includes also collaboration with other fields: “Creating Action Schema Based on Conceptual Knowledge.” Baker, Soho, Dias, Czarnocha. Didactica Mathematicae, vol. 38, 2016, p. 5-31

He is passionate about mathematics and the learning progress of his students through innovative teaching methods, indeed, he is always looking for new techniques of teaching, creating new pedagogy of teaching, involving and engaging students in many different ways– including research, which creates a positive learning environment and fosters retention for academic growth.


Hector Soto

Professor Hector W. Soto, Behavioral and Social Sciences, has been teaching within the CUNY system since 2004, firstly at John Jay, and since 2006 at Hostos as faculty of the Public Policy and Law Unit of Behavioral and Social Sciences Department. During his tenure at Hostos, Professor Soto has served as the Course Manager of his Unit, developed a capstone course for the criminal justice program, chaired an assessment of the criminal justice program, served as Faculty Advisor to the student Social Justice Club as well as Chair of the Affirmative Action Committee of College-Wide Senate.  He has also been a member of the Senate’s Executive Committee.  Professor Soto came to academia with more than 35 years of experience as an activist, attorney, advocate and organizer concerning issues of policing-law enforcement, police accountability and police-community relations. Professor Soto is a graduate of the New York University School of Law.


Chanh Van Phan

Dr. Chanh Van Phan joined the Natural Sciences department at Hostos in the fall of 2013, where he teaches chemistry to STEM and Allied Health student.  In this capacity, he has worked with his colleagues to update the curriculum towards helping the students to greater success.  Currently he and the department have been working towards moving the courses to using Open Education Resources.  Furthermore, Prof. Phan applies his expertise in solid state nuclear magnetic resonance to study plant materials in collaboration with City College of New York.  In this capacity, he has served as a research mentor for both Hostos and CCNY students for C-STEP and REU programs and has produced 2 publications.


Elys Vasquez-Iscan

Dr. Elys Vasquez-Iscan has been a full-time faculty member in the Health Education and Gerontology Units since 2013. She is currently the Unit Coordinator of the Health Education Unit. In addition to her regular programmatic duties she provides support to various early college initiative (ECI) programs at Hostos such as HERO High, College Now, and Hostos Lincoln Academy.  She is also an affiliated faculty at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and a member of the CUNY Academy.  In 2016 Governor Cuomo appointed Professor Vasquez-Iscan to the New York State AIDS Institute HIV Advisory Body (HAB). Due to her expertise in health disparity research, the HAB promoted her to Co-Chair of the Social Determinants Committee. Prof. Vasquez-Iscan has been the recipient of various national and local grants. She was a Co-PI in a multi-sectoral grant to address the high consumption of sugary beverages among South Bronx residents and continues to promote health strategies with various community partners including the Bronx Neighborhood Action Center of the New York City Department of Health.  She has presented her research at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and at international venues. Professor Vasquez-Iscan is a Fulbright Fellowship alumni as well as UPenn ELEVATE Fellowship alumni.  She has published several peer reviewed articles and one book chapter and is a current peer reviewer for the publishing company Common Ground Research Network. As faculty at Hostos she has engaged in various pedagogical experiences from teaching online writing intensive courses to teaching at the NYS Otisville Correctional facility. She enjoys utilizing education technology to engage students in learning and prompts students to see themselves as contributors to the classroom learning experience.  She enjoys her role as a club advisor for the community health club and as a mentor to students seeking to enter the health field.


Haruko Yamauchi

Professor Haruko Yamauchi, Assistant Professor and Library Teaching Coordinator, has been driven in her scholarship, teaching, and service by a commitment to supporting students to take ownership of their learning as critical thinkers. She has published a lesson plan in the Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook, and an article about the library’s collaboration with CLIP in the peer-reviewed Journal of Creative Library Practice. Her chapter in the 2018 book Reference Librarianship & Justice: History, Practice & Praxis details the (checkered) history of library schools in the post-War on Poverty era to train librarians to serve inner-city communities of color, and she presented research on the Newark Public Library’s outreach programs during this era at the 2018 Critical Librarianship and Pedagogy Symposium.  She has facilitated workshops on information literacy instruction at local, regional, and national conferences. As library teaching coordinator, she has encouraged the development of student-centered lessons to help students build critical research skills, and has led, with library colleagues, faculty workshops at Spa Day, Day Zero, and HTI. She has been instrumental in the redesign of the library webpage, the development of the faculty toolkit, and the creation of the Research 101 guide for students.  She has served as president and as chair of the symposium planning committee for the NYC chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries, co-chairs CUNY’s LILAC, and co-chairs an instruction and reference discussion group for the METRO association. At Hostos, she has been glad to serve on the Gen Ed and Honors committee. ​


Christine Mangino | Provost and Vice President

Academic Affairs | Hostos Community College, CUNY


a. 500 Grand Concourse, Room B405, Bronx, NY 10451

p. 718-518-6660

w. hostos.cuny.edu





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