Joelle Gonzalez-Laguer Shows Chakalmex

Congratulations to adjunct Professor Joelle Gonzalez-Laguer! He was invited by The School of Psychology and the Gender Commission of the National Autonomous University of Mexico to showcase his latest short Chakalmex.

On October 10, 2019 from 5-7 pm, he led a panel amongst other scholars to discuss the obscure subculture of the Mexican Chacales. Dra. Ana Celia Chapa, Dra. Maricú Orco, Prof. Fausto Lamont, Prof. Claudia Navarro and he had the unique opportunity to view and discuss his film with students and other audience members from the community. The event was held at the faculty’s main auditorium, Luis Lara Tapia. ​

Synopsis of the film

El Chacal is a young proletarian men with indigenous aspects that becomes a sexual symbol for the gay community in Mexico. The Chacal  is a humble young man in a racist and classist society that makes him an object of desire. The power structure creates an inevitable link between the aristocratic voyeur and the attractive masculine, virile and sexually charged Chacal.

This is the second time, Professor Gonzalez-Laguer has been invited to the UNAM. The faculty of the  Psychiatric School Ramo De La Fuente Muñiz hosted his film Amor con Tufo a Colonia (Love with a Colonial Scent) in October 2017.



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