Succeed@Hostos Faculty Focus Groups

The Succeed@Hostos relaunch team needs faculty who are willing to share their feedback regarding their use of Succeed@Hostos. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about what the faculty experience has been; what expectations faculty have of advisors, students, and the system; and what recommendations could be made to help the Succeed@Hostos relaunch team align processes and improve practices to increase student success.

Feedback from faculty will help the relaunch team establish common expectations, guidelines, and set up best practices for faculty, advisor, and student communications. Faculty focus groups will be held on the following dates. All interested faculty are welcome and encouraged to RSVP. Interviews may be offered to faculty who cannot make these meetings but want to provide their feedback. Everyone who would like to participate should complete the online survey:

Focus Group Dates

Monday, October  21 from 12:30pm-1:30pm in C559
Thursday, October 24 from 3:30pm-4:30pm in B413
Monday, October 28 from 3:30pm-4:30pm in C559

Brief Background

Succeed@Hostos is an initiative designed to facilitate meaningful communication between faculty, staff, and students.  The technical system called Starfish is an early warning system that helps alert students when they are exhibiting behaviors that are consistent with attrition (Tampke, 2013). The tool is used as a starting point to intervene with students who could use some support. A cross-divisional committee was formed in summer/fall 2014 to support the implementation of the Starfish Tool and through their efforts the tool was branded Succeed@Hostos.

The Succeed@Hostos technical system uses information from the Hostos PeopleSoft system. The technical system was first made available as a pilot for a limited number Hostos faculty and staff in 2015. In summer 2017, the system was made available to 100% of faculty, staff, and students. In Summer 2018, a new cross-divisional group of staff members attended the Hobson’s conference and gathering new information and new perspectives on campus-wide implementation. Afterwards, the Succeed@Hostos relaunch team was formed.

Since Fall 2018, the team has been working on various initiatives to bring the Succeed@Hostos eco-system to the next level of implementation. This includes: refining tracking items and the progress survey; developing a communication strategy and rebranding Starfish/Succeed@Hostos to become the student success eco-system; increasing visibility of the student success network and campus resources links in the Succeed@Hostos technology to enhance student engagement; integrating the use of student-advisor appointments feature with ASAP advisors and Success Coaches; developing the referral and raise-your-hand features; all with a goal of helping students stay on track academically and maximize their academic progress and success.

Cross-divisional Succeed@Hostos Relaunch Team

Jefferson Barnes, Information Technology
Jose Santana, Information Technology
Kristina Belle, Information Technology
Varun Seghal, Information Technology

Siddique Mohamed, Student Success Coaching Unit
Flor Araujo Payano, Student Success Coaching Unit
Jason Pelosi, Student Success Coaching Unit

Lauren Millin-Moore, Accelerated Studies in Associate Programs
Sara Rodberg, Accelerated Studies in Associate Programs

Lillian Morales, Student Development and Enrollment Management
Johana Gomez, Student Development and Enrollment Management

Felix Cardona, Academic Affairs
Sarah Brennan, Academic Affairs
Carlos Guevara, Educational Technology/Center for Teaching and Learning


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