Weekly Communications to Students

Original Release to the List of Teaching Faculty
Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 10:55AM
From Christine Mangino, Provost and Vice President
Office of Academic Affairs


Dear Colleagues,

As part of our first-year experience and operational planning for this year, we will be sending out weekly communications to students that include important tips for success and ways of engaging with the college. Each week, I will forward you the email we send to the students so you can reinforce the information in your classes. The information will also go out through social media (follow our Facebook (@HostosCC), Twitter (@HostosCollege) and Instagram (@HostosCollege and share. We will be promoting #HCC for Hostos Caiman Clues). It also will be part of the banner on our homepage of our website. Students can click on that link and will be able to see the latest weekly update and the previous emails that have gone out. This is a work in progress that we just began so improvements will happen as time goes on. The weeks align with the academic calendar so they will not all go out on a Monday. We do not want to confuse students. Counting down the weeks will help with academic momentum and students feeling like they are making progress. Below this week’s communication, I included the communication we sent out last week to students letting them know how to plan for the semester. It didn’t copy and paste perfectly, but it gives you the essential information. Thank you for your help promoting this information to students!







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