Professor Yoel Rodriguez presents at a Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry (JMMC)

Facebook Post by Hostos Community College


It has been quite a summer for Professor Yoel Rodríguez. Rodríguez, who teaches physics and chemistry at Hostos, delivered a plenary lecture at the Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry (JMMC) in Prague in June, during which he shared his research on bromodomains, which have implications in cancer biology and inflammation. He also presented on the same topic last month as a guest speaker at the Medicinal Chemistry Institute (Instituto de Química Médica, IQM) of the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC) in Madrid, Spain. Rodríguez said it was an honor to share his research with an international audience of experts in medicinal chemistry and biophysics. “This experience expanded our horizons on medicinal chemistry and biophysics approaches to better target biomedical questions and broadened our collaboration network,” he shared.


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