Hostos STEP and CSTEP Program Overview

The STEP Program at Hostos Community College provides research and internship opportunities to motivated high achieving secondary school students throughout the year for participation in STEM conferences. Mainly, these students are identified during its seven week- intensive summer program held at Hostos Community College from the first week of July to mid-August. In addition, student receive year-round tutorial services and SAT training sessions which prepare them for access and success in STEM studies in higher education.

Similar to STEP, the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) offers our undergraduates a rigorous research training program under the supervision of their faculty mentors, preparing them for participation in STEM conferences. Throughout the year, students receive tutorial services in higher level courses in STEM, in addition to challenging internship opportunities, with the objective to smooth their transition to 4 year degree granting institutions.

Every year, both STEP and CSTEP programs serve close to 400 students including secondary school students and undergraduates in STEM contents, among which most dedicated students are prepared for participation in competitive research conferences or challenging internships across our nation.


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