STEP/CSTEP Program Leads More Students to First Place

Moise Koffi, coDirector, STEP/CSTEP (Proyecto Access)

In the last two consecutive years, Hostos STEP and CSTEP Programs earned in total 8 first place trophies among 10 distinguished awards they received at statewide STEM research conferences. I am proud of our secondary school students and undergraduates for their hard work and commitment to the promotion of STEM research beside their academics in our institution. Overall, this is such a significant achievement for Hostos Community College for winning several prestigious prizes at statewide research conferences attended by participants from private, public, 2-year and 4 year institutions across New York State.

I extend my appreciations to all faculty mentors from the Mathematics Department and the Natural Sciences Department for taking time out of their busy teaching load to provide research skills to our students. Many thanks to Mrs. Diandra Jugmohan for her support in the successful administration of all program activities as well as Professors Reginald Dorcely and Briseida Cortez for maintaining a rigorous research training agenda for our CSTEP students with the collaboration of the CRSP Program.



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