Textbook Adoptions

Dear faculty,

Please remember that we are working to be as transparent as possible with students so that they understand all costs associated with taking courses at Hostos and can get a head start on being successful in your classes.

Please do what you can to load both your Summer and Fall 2019 textbooks into the Akademos online bookstore by Tuesday, April 30.

The link is http://www.hostos.cuny.edu/Campus-Life/hostosbookstore. The Fall 2019 semester appears gray however the link DOES open. If you need support with entering your textbooks please contact the Office Managers in your department. Please note that all courses require an entry even if there are no required textbooks.

Kudos and congratulations to the math department faculty! They have entered 100% of Summer and 97% of Fall textbook requirements! Cupcakes will be sent to the department for being the first department to reach 100% completion for the Summer session and as a way to say thank you for your efforts.


Office of Academic Affairs




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