ASAP@Hostos – Early Engagement Initiatives

Laura McGowan, Director, ASAP
Berkis Eusebio-Cruz, ASAP Career and Employment Specialist

As part of a continual review of best practices and a commitment to increasing student retention, ASAP staff developed and implemented early engagement activities to motivate students and frontload academic and career readiness programs over the summer. In addition to the standard, rigorous promotion of workshop attendance to satisfy students’ developmental needs, staff employed the following strategies for students to learn and become engaged:

New Student Orientation

ASAP participated in the New Student Orientation for all incoming Hostos students, which placed students in advising units that make sense for them. The orientation offered basic information on the college and principles of early college success. Students who selected the ASAP program also received information detailing the program’s commitment to a three-year graduation model, along with an outline of the benefits and requirements of being an ASAP student.

ASAP Orientation

Every ASAP student attends a half-day event that seeks to create a cohort of students who are better acquainted with staff and with each other. Students have fun, create a graduation plan, and are introduced to academic tools and means of faculty support, tutoring and supplemental instruction, as well as a host of campus resources (e.g., Single Stop, the Counseling Center, Male Initiative Program).

Career Assessments

Students complete and submit a Career and Interest Inventory assessment and are invited to attend a Markets and Majors Workshop as part of their initial requirements in order to understand and have realistic expectations about career opportunities in their field, internships and scholarships available and real market salary information. These career-related activities were frontloaded to give students another opportunity to engage early and to jumpstart their thinking about how their academic lives connect to the future. As part of this process, students also learn career researching and senior college program tools to review their academic plans and ensure their commitment to the major they selected. These opportunities allow students to obtain first hand exposure to areas of their interest, which in turn increases their motivation and desire to begin (and complete!) their degrees.

Fun and Social Skills Development Activities

ASAP students engaged in social skills development, team building and cohort networking activities via a Summer Carnival. Popcorn, cotton candy, music, games and prizes drew students in and allowed ASAP’s Advisement and Career staff to further engage students and create a sense of belonging.


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