STEP Students Win First and Second Place in the 20th Annual STEP Statewide Student Conference

Moise Koffi, Assistant Professor
Mathematics (Mechanical Engineering)
coDirector, Proyecto Access  STEP/CSTEP


Hostos Community College won 1st and 2nd place prizes at the 20th Annual STEP Statewide Student Conference that was held in Albany, New York on March 23-25, 2018. The conference was attended by over 370 secondary school students and 50 staff members representing 48 institutions of higher education institution in New York State.

As the outcome of the research poster competition, the topic: “Design of a Black Ice Melting Device to Increase the Safety of Pedestrians in Walking Areas”, presented by Naomi Hockaday (10th grade), Benchik Bayor (11th grade) and Jesse Yebouet (11th grade) won the first place trophy in the Senior Division of the Technology Category. In addition, the second research topic “Metabolic Heat Regulation by African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana)”, which was presented by Michael Cruz (9th grade) and Daniel Tolbert (12th grade) won the 2nd Place Trophy in the Senior Division of the Biological Life Sciences Category.

Both project teams were mentored by Dr. Moise Koffi of Hostos Community College. Overall, the conference was attended by 8 Hostos STEP students who also participated in several enrichment workshops and 5 staff members who served in different conference organizing committees, subcommittees, including students’ supervision.











































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