Hoover Dam and the Shaping of the American West

This summer as part of an NEH summer seminar Professor William Casari, who is an Associate Professor in the Library Department, will work on a project entitled, “Hoover Dam and the Shaping of the American West.”  About the experience, Professor Casari wrote, “I am looking forward to being in Boulder City, Nevada for two weeks in July. (Average daily temps 100-110 degrees!). Using a monumental public WPA (Works Project Administration) project to teach liberal arts is what interested me the most.  This covers the New Deal in the 1930s, WPA, labor history, water development and the creation of Boulder City and Las Vegas.  There is also the issue of who was displaced when this massive construction project took place. And, of course, the modern technology of air conditioning made these cities livable thanks to the water and hydroelectric power from the dam. There’s plenty to discuss and relate to teaching.” Professor Casari extends a special thank you to Ms. Lourdes Torres for forwarding the NEH application information to the list-serve because otherwise he would not have seen it.

If you’re interested check out more information here: https://hdsaw.com/


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