Research and Creative Activity Report

The Center for Teaching and Learning is offering support for this initiative. More detailed instructions for accessing the database appear below.

2017 Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Collection
To access the web application and report faculty scholarship:


  1. Log into your CUNY Portal account (make sure you are using a Portal account designating you as faculty or staff).
  2. On the Welcome page, you will see a link in the box labeled Applications/Resources.
  3. Click on the icon next to Full-time Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Collection to reach the application. Instructions are available at the top of the form
  4. Select your college and then the department to which you are
  5. Find your name in the faculty drop-down A faculty member whose name is not listed can type in his/her name in the available space.
  6. Choose the best fitting category for your scholarship/creative activity entry. Appropriate categorization is important for reporting
  7. Full citations are required for this collection. The format of the citation should follow the standard for the faculty member’s discipline. Each citation must include the year first published, produced, or performed (only 2017 entries should be included). Separate entries are required for each piece of scholarship/creative


Detailed Instructions for Using the Web Application

 The faculty scholarship web application is intended to facilitate reporting certain types of work first published, produced, or performed in calendar year 2017 by full-time professorial faculty at each CUNY college. The web application is live and currently available for faculty to begin entering data. The collection will close at noon on Monday, June 4, 2018. The application is the same as in prior years with the list of faculty updated to reflect those active in 2017.


The following types of work may be reported: 

·         Book, Authored (including fictional works) ·         Music Composition Published/Performed
·         Book, Edited ·         Play or Screenplay Produced/Performed
·         Book Chapter ·         Poem or Short Story Published
·         Book Introduction, Preface etc. ·         Curated an Art Show
·         Conference Presentation published as proceedings ·         Exhibited in a Curated Art Show
·         Conference Presentation, other ·         Direction/Choreography/Dramaturgy/Design (dance, theater, film)
·         Journal Article, peer-reviewed ·         Performance (music, dance, theater)
·         Journal Article, other ·         Review/Commentary (including blogging)
·         Newspaper/Magazine Article Published ·         Patent
·         Lecture (Invited) ·         Technical/Policy Reports, peer-reviewed
  ·         Technical/Policy Reports, other

Translations are also being collected this year. Translations should be reported within their “base” type (e.g., the translation of a book would be included in Book, Authored (including fictional works), the translation of a poem or short would be included in Poem or Short Story Published, and so on).


Full-time professorial faculty who were active in both the spring and fall of calendar year 2017 are designated as “mandatory” and are required to report, even if it is just to indicate “No Work to Report.” Full-time professorial faculty who were active one semester, but not both, and other kinds of full-time faculty are not required to report, but may report their scholarship. If you do not find your name (or the name of the faculty member on whose behalf you are reporting) in the drop-down list and wish to add scholarship, add your name manually in the appropriate box. Any names added manually are, by definition, considered “optional” reporters. Please note that the mandatory/optional designations are based on data available from the CUNYfirst system at the time the list was generated in early 2018.



  • Faculty may report on a broad set of scholarship/activity. The instructions on the web application also indicate what types of activity should not be reported

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