Hostos Strategic Plan Update

by Provost Christine Mangino

The College’s Senior Leadership Council (SLC) consists of 58 staff members who are in leadership positions on campus. This past semester, they began working on the cross-cutting commitments that are the underpinnings of our strategic plan (assessment, communication, community engagement, professional development and systems alignment). Working in 5 cross-divisional subcommittees, each group is responsible for one commitment area and implementing a project this semester that will support the college’s operational plan for this year. Their projects have been established and we will share more information in the near future. The college’s operational plan is summarized below.


Priority: Create and share broadly a roadmap of “Entry to College” to help students and staff navigate the pathways more effectively.

  • Create and share policies and processes to determine the best pathways for students, whether it is CUNYStart, College Discovery, ASAP, SSCU, or Academic Advisement.
  • Develop an advisement webpage that provides processes and information for all students and advisors.

Entering Students

Priority: Create a degree map for all degree programs.

  • 2-year and 2 ½ year maps will be created for each degree outlining the sequence of courses, necessary actions for each semester, such as when to apply for financial aid and when to apply for graduation.

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