Implications of Dropping a Class

Dear Colleagues,

337 students were dropped from their classes late Friday night because of outstanding tuition charges. The students may not realize they have been dropped. Please print out updated rosters and take attendance the first week of class. Any student not on your roster should be sent to the bursar’s office.

Also, to make sure students are aware of the financial aid implications of dropping a class, we will be putting advisement stops on all students after the first week of class. Students will need to speak with an advisor to have the hold removed if they want to drop a class. Too many students drop a class causing them to have less than 12 credits and then none of their courses are covered by financial aid. Many times students can be advised of all the support services on campus to help their learning instead of dropping a class.

Thank you!

Christine Mangino, Ed.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Division of Academic Affairs | Hostos Community College, CUNY


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