Sync STARFISH and Outlook Calendars to Improve Student Engagement

Hostos faculty and staff can share their office hours with students using their Succeed@Hostos (STARFISH) accounts. Even better, the STARFISH calendar easily syncs with the the Hostos Outlook calendar.  Posting office hours on STARFISH will empower students to set up meetings only during your official office hours. Success Coaches, faculty, and staff alike are making this connection. It only takes a few moments to connect and Mr. Jose Santana has shared step-by-step instructions below. Screenshots are included in this blue link: Share your Outlook calendar with Succeed at Hostos (Starfish).

In Outlook 2013:

  1. In the calendar display in Outlook, right-click on My Calendars > Calendar.
  2. Select Share > Calendar Permissions from the menu that appears.
  3. Click the .. button in the Permissions tab that appears in the Calendar Properties window.
  4. Search for Succeed at Hostos in the Global Address List and select the Succeed at Hostos
  5. Click the Add -> button at the bottom of the Add Users
  6. Click the OK
  7. Select the entry for Succeed at Hostos from the list at the top of the Permissions tab in the Calendar Properties window
  8. Select Reviewer from the Permission Level
  9. Confirm the following details are marked:
    1. Read = Full Details
    2. Delete Items = None
    3. Other = Folder visible
  10. Click OK to apply the changes.

In Succeed at Hostos (Starfish):

 Click the arrow on the right of your name

Click “Email Notifications”

Check off box on the left of “Read busy times from my external Exchange Calendar”

Click the “Submit” button

All done!


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