Supporting Our Students

Christine Mangino
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


As we move into the second week of classes, please be mindful that we have approximately 2000 students new to Hostos this semester. We have 1200 first time freshmen and 800 transfer students. It would be helpful to take a few minutes in each of your classes this week to remind students of the services on campus- the tutoring center, writing center, library, faculty office hours, computer labs, student tech workshops, single stop, counseling, the accessibility office, the coaching unit, and the advisement center. All of these services are available because we know that learning is difficult, as is college-level work and that there are gaps in students readiness to adapt to the transition from high school to college. So if students are feeling overwhelmed they should reach out to the appropriate office/area to ask for help. We want to see each of our students succeed and we have the supports to help them be successful.


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