Supplemental Instruction Expands to Support More Students

Silvia Reyes, HEO Associate
Director, Title V Grant

Supplemental Instruction (SI) at Hostos is designed to help students learn how to learn and become an independent and self-directed learner with the assistance of a peer leader. Facilitation techniques such as redirecting and checking for understanding as well as active learning strategies were the focus of a two-day training provided to student leaders as part of the SI initiative during the week of January 24, 207.  The goal of this effort is to improve student performance and retention.  For the spring 2017, we are excited to be able to include the Freshmen Year Seminar and a few courses that support the Schools/College Partnerships program.  Courses that have been supported in the past include Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Anatomy and Physiology.


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