Diversity Education is a College-wide Initiative

Carlos Guevara
Director of Educational Technology &
coDirector of Center for Teaching and Learning

Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez
OAA Diversity Fellow &
Professor and Unit Coordinator
Natural Sciences Department

Hostos’ mission to embrace diversity, equality, justice and opportunity for all is demonstrated by the support and commitment shown by Office of Academic Affairs in making these themes a priority. This type of goal can only be accomplished if a holistic and coordinated effort is established. In this regard, diversity has been prioritized and recognized with the inclusion of an OAA Diversity Fellow as part of the staff. As the 2016-2017 Diversity Fellow, Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez intends to bring together efforts from the Office of Diversity and Compliance, the Senate Affirmative Action Committee, the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), the Library, and CUNY-funded diversity projects.

The Office of Academic Affairs recognizes the need to open safe spaces to discuss our sometimes competing visions about diversity, plurality and inclusion, and recognizes the need for time to talk, think and embrace a long-term sustained conversation on these important and sometimes difficult topics. For the spring 2017, the CTL is coordinating efforts with the OAA Diversity Fellow, the Library and a group of faculty members, including faculty who have been awarded with CUNY-funded diversity grants to devise a semester-long schedule of activities such as discussions, workshops, student poster contests, book readings, and a showcase day during the National Teaching week, to name a few. The OAA envisions this semester’s collaborative effort as the beginning of a sustained conversation on diversity matters.

This exciting and dynamic collaboration will complement and enrich the additional professional development activities and initiatives that have been scheduled for the spring 2017 semester by the CTL. This alignment between offices, departments, and programs will provide the college community many opportunities to become active agents of change while engaging in personal and professional conversations about diversity and social justice. The collaborative nature of the planning reflects the complexity and importance of the scheduled events. Click here to learn about and register for these events: https://commons.hostos.cuny.edu/ctl/events/.




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