Student-author Reflection

Capitalizing on an Opportunity Pays Off for Student Writer
by: Diana Guerrier, Dental Hygiene Major
1st Prize Winner in 110/111 Category
Adrienne Weiss Women’s History Month Essay Contest

My name is Diana Guerrier and I will graduate in Dental Hygiene with over 70 credits. The reason I chose Dental Hygiene is because I wanted to make an impact on people’s lives. It is empowering to have the ability to teach someone something that they were unaware of that can improve their health, their lives, and their smile. It’s a wonderful feeling that is almost indescribable but one that I love; that is why after I graduate Hostos Community College my goal is to continue my education and get my master’s in education. I as of April 2016 received my acceptance letter at Queens College, CUNY, to further my education in obtaining my goal.


Truth be told, my motivation for entering this contest was to receive less work. My professor gave my classmates and I this option,

The college is conducting a writing contest for all students to commemorate Women’s History Month (WHM). Any student who participates will be permitted to only answer one essay question on our first exam. As you recall, our first exam is an essay exam and you will have to answer two questions. If you participate in this contest (regardless of the result, whether you win or receive an honorable mention or not) then you will only have to answer one question on that exam.

I did not want to complete two essay questions which I would be graded on and since the only requirement was to show up and write an essay of my choice, which would not be graded, it sounded like a fair deal to me.


Adrianne Weiss Women’s History Essay Contest was an amazing experience to write alongside my classmate and fellow students. Although a new territory, I loved every minute of this competitive writing environment. Winning the WHM contest sealed the deal for me. Not only did I not have to complete two essays on my exam, but I also won!


To win the Adrianne Weiss Women’s History Essay Contest means a lot to me. Not only does it give me a feeling of validation as a writer; it also shows that many of us just need a push to be great. That push for me was Professor Macri, without her I would not have even entered the contest and in turn am very grateful that I did.


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