Botanicals and Metabolic Syndrome Center in Tajikistan

Professor Vyacheslav Dushenkov is a Program Coordinator for the Center for Botanicals and Metabolic Syndrome (CBMS) established in Tajikistan with a five-year grant from the Forgarty International Center at NIH. CBMS integrates, in a culturally sensitive way, intensive didactic training in western science with strong knowledge of traditional herbal medicines. Its goal is to develop a sustainable mechanism for graduating Ph.D. and postdoctoral-level research scientists who can merge these two systems. CBMS focuses on metabolic syndrome and diabetes providing research training with an emphasis on anti-diabetic botanicals, life cycle studies and early life determinants of chronic diseases. Training program for CBMS includes a variety of online courses and in-country training.

Professor Vyacheslav Dushenkov of Hostos Community College recently coordinated and participated in an international workshop, Plants for Human Health, held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  The workshop served over 1,200 undergraduates, graduates and faculty with a series of lectures covering a variety of scientific topics on using medicinal plants in the preventions and treatment of metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows also shared results of their research on medicinal plants and the treatment of diabetes in Tajikistan.

february dushenkov academic scoop pic

Professor Dushenkov leading a discussion on
“Evidence-Based Science and Ethical Conduct of Research”
at Tajik National University.


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