Exemplary Leadership Award

2015 Idahlynn Karre International Exemplary Leadership Award


Amaris Matos works with an eye toward conitnuous improvement and putting processes in place to streamline procedures, clarify actions, and enable others to work from their strengths. Rather than accepting the status quo, Amaris approaches other divisions with complete diplomacy to work together determining the best practices. Another area in which Amaris excels in in the leadership development opportunities she has created for our division. She used data from a need’s assessment conducted of our staff and faculty to determine the leadership areas they wanted to further develop. Amaris has created targeted series for numerous leadership competencies  for everyone including our administrative assistants.

Reflection by Amaris Matos

Over the last four years, the Office of Academic Affairs has been very intentional about providing support and leadership development opportunities for faculty and staff throughout the division.  Our short-term goal has been to bring dynamic and compelling presenters on-campus for professional development and to provide access to off-campus opportunities when possible.  Our long-term goal is much broader.  We want faculty and staff in the division to feel that their growth and job satisfaction matter and that they are supported in developing professionally as well as personally.  It has been an absolute pleasure to observe the growth taking shape throughout our division and the community that is being formed as a result of these shared experiences.  I am grateful to Provost Mangino for nominating me for the Chair Academy’s Exemplary Leaders Award and I am thankful for the personal opportunities that I have had to develop.  Working in the Division of Academic Affairs is an honor and I feel privileged that I get to work every day with so many dedicated, caring and talented people.

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