A Special Thank You!

by Zvi Ostrin
Natural Sciences and Earth Day Committee Co-chair

Along with my co-chair, Prof. Allison Franzese, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Natural Sciences Department celebration of Earth Day 2015 a great success.

By my estimate, a record-breaking 1,000 Hostos students, faculty, and staff attended some 32 events all over the college—25 course-oriented events in classrooms and on the Bridge, the keynote address on lead poisoning by Prof. Markowitz as well as 2 additional invited lectures, 3 panel discussions, and a video showing—and we would also have had a nature walk in Franz Sigel Park if it hadn’t rained!

Of course our own Natural Sciences faculty and staff deserve a great deal of credit for their efforts and participation in most of the events along with their classes. But I would also like to credit the active participation of the General Education Committee, chaired by Prof. Cynthia Jones, for broadening the impact of the event within the Hostos community. I would also like to thank three members of the committee, Prof. Clara Nieto-Wire, from Mathematics, and Andrew Lucchesi and Darren Kwong, the QR Fellows, for organizing two hugely successful panel discussions in the Savoy Multipurpose Room, which inspired me to organize a third panel discussion. Thus our Earth Day activities filled the Savoy Multipurpose Room for an entire day!

I hope that this success will inspire us, on future Earth Days, to even greater success in spreading the environmental message.

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