Hostos Honors Program

May 2016

Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference 2016

April 2015

Honors Program visits
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard

Honors Program Overview
by Karina Castro
Coordinator, Honors Program and Immersion Workshops

The Hostos Community College Honors Program provides an enriched academic, cultural and social experience to intellectually inquisitive and motivated students. The program seeks to create an inclusive academic community and our faculty and staff pride themselves on the dialogue that exists between students and faculty. The Honors Program is directed by Professors Cynthia Jones and Linda Anderson. The program coordinator is Karina Castro.

This semester, the Honors Program is offering three Honors courses to challenge the minds of our students: Fundamentals of Public Speaking taught by Professor Roost, Literature and Composition taught by Professor Cisco, and Calculus I taught by Professor Prince. Our current cohort is comprised of 15 motivated students across various academic disciplines including Engineering, Nursing, and Mathematics.

In addition, the Honors Program will be facilitating several community service days to get our students civically engaged in their community. The program also intends to take students on a weekend trip to visit the distinguished campuses of MIT & Harvard. We are currently encouraging students to join the honors program for the Fall 2015 semester; Applications are due May 1st, 2015. As the program continues to grow we still continue to encourage and support our students in pursuing their goals and dreams.

Honors Program-Official Website

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