MetroCITI Fellows

Professors Sarah Hoiland and Kate Wolfe have been Visiting Scholars at Columbia University’s Teachers College as part of Metropolitan Colleges Institute for Teaching Improvement, or MetroCITI, from July 2014-May 2015. This 11-month seminar series was designed by Professor Anna Neuman of Columbia TC and is funded by the Teagle Foundation. Sixteen faculty from both two and four-year institutions in New York and New Jersey were selected to participate in MetroCITI for 2014-2015. The goal of the seminar series is to help faculty think critically about liberal education, pedagogy, and the intersection of the two at diverse, urban institutions of higher education. Professors Hoiland and Wolfe spent the fall semester designing and implementing a pedagogical project based on a core idea in one of their classes; the projects were presented to MetroCITI Fellows and staff for feedback. The spring semester has been devoted to a deeper examination of liberal education and has been supplemented so far with guest speakers from Columbia University from art and educational technology. Professors Hoiland and Wolfe shared some of their experiences with colleagues at Hostos through the Center for Teaching and Learning on Wednesday, February 25th in a session titled, “Exploring Teaching and Learning:  The Highlands and the Swamp.” The most beneficial aspects of being MetroCITI Fellows, for both Prof. Hoiland and Wolfe, have been the burgeoning professional relationships with other Fellows and the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of faculty as well as the opportunity to be students again and think critically about one’s own pedagogy.

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