Right Class / Right Time Gathering

The Right Class at the Right Time!” is the current motto in the Division of Academic Affairs. This phrase represents the dedication of our faculty to revise and develop curriculum specific to each student’s needs. Before you advise students, come and learn about each of the different courses so you know which is “the right class” for the students to take at each level of their progress through graduation.

Over the past couple of years our English, Language and Cognition, and Mathematics faculty have been deeply engaged in the re-creation of developmental course curricula to address the needs of our most dedicated students, a.k.a. multiple repeaters. Have you heard about ENG 93, ENG 101 and102; ESL 25 and 35 links and ESL 93 and 95; as well as Math 22, 115, and 120 SI? These new and or re-designed courses are meant to accelerate students through the developmental sequence and help them be better prepared for college-level success. Further, Title V funding has supported eight Hostos faculty in the re-design and development of immersion workshops for incoming freshman and continuing students as well as grammar workshops for ESL students. The faculty and staff supporting these transformations have great reason to be proud!

Moreover, Hostos has been a part of the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Phase I – Roadmap Leadership Institution grant since 2010 which supported twelve interdisciplinary faculty in the development and implementation of a first-year experience seminar (7 faculty) and a liberal arts capstone course (5 faculty). Both are considered high impact practices. The first-year seminar has been offered since the fall 2014 semester and the capstone course, Bronx Beautiful, is running for this first time this spring. Additionally, Title V is supporting four faculty who are developing or refining capstone assignments with the goal of infusing capstone skills into 200-level courses across the disciplines.

Supplemental Instruction, or SI, has been implemented in mathematics classrooms since 2012.  Since then, close to eighty math sections have included peer leaders. Our SI faculty have analyzed the data and found that students in SI classrooms experience higher pass rates and better retention. Professors Loreto Porte and A. J. Stachelek and the team of SI instructors and peer-leaders deserve great applause and recognition for helping this initiative to flourish. Title V is supporting the expansion of the SI initiative into different academic disciplines including, but not limited to, Language and Cognition and Behavioral Sciences.

Two new Title V computer labs located in the C596 suite are reserved for students to access online skills development tutorials using ALEKS (math) and COMFIT (reading and writing) software programs. These self-paced tutorial modules help students develop the fundamental skills necessary for academic success in college. Once students are registered in the workshops, they can access the online tutorials from anywhere at any time. READ MORE.

These initiatives represent our devotion to student success. In the spirit of our college mission – to promote academic achievement as a means to social mobility among a culturally and linguistically diverse populations – we have been and continue to unconditionally pursue success at every level! There is so much to share on April 15; we hope you will join us for the presentation of the “The Right Class at the Right Time” followed by a poster expo where you can interact one-on-one with initiative leaders. We look forward to seeing you there!

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