HERO Research

HERO High School Interdisciplinary Project Round-table
CUNY Early College Initiative
January 23, 2015

HERO High (Health, Education and Research Occupations) is an Early College and career high school located in the South Bronx. Starting in the 10th grade, HERO students have the opportunity to earn college credits for free through Hostos Community College. HERO students can graduate in six years with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing or Community Health. In addition to offering the opportunity to earn college credits, Hostos professors collaborate with teachers and staff at HERO on high school courses such as Honors Biology and Health Care Careers. The collaboration also provides opportunities for the professors to engage directly with the students. One such opportunity is the yearly Interdisciplinary Projects Presentations event at HERO.

On January 23rd, 9th grade students presented action plans focused on reducing the incidence of chronic diseases among specific populations in the Bronx. 10th grade HERO students presented evaluations of Bronx-based community initiatives that target chronic diseases. Hostos Community College faculty and staff participated by asking the students questions about their presentations, as well as providing positive and critical feedback.

Participating Hostos faculty and staff included:

  • Sarah Brennan, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning & Title V Faculty Activity Director
  • Linda Ende, Professor, Hostos LPN School of Nursing
  • Emma Forrestor, Adjunct Professor, Physical Education
  • Michael Gosset, Coordinator, Physical Education Department
  • Edward King, Professor, Nursing
  • Moise Koffi, Director, Proyecto Access
  • Damaris-Lois Lang, Professor, Natural Sciences Department
  • Jessica Lappe, Health and Wellness Specialist, Health and Wellness Center
  • Patricia Lopez-Belin, Adjunct Professor, Community Health
  • Diana Macri, Professor, Dental Hygiene Unit
  • Silvia Reyes, Title V Director, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Tanya Thomas, Intake Assistant/Outreach Specialist, Allied Health Career Pipeline Program
  • Kate Wolfe, Professor, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Ruben Worrell, Professor, Mathematics Department

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