New Tertulia Series

Organized by the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Unit
Written by Inmaculada Lara-Bonilla
Assistant Professor
Humanities Department

The Humanities Tertulia Series is a succession of informal gatherings in which colleagues from different humanities-disciplines share their scholarly or creative work with our immediate, Hostos community.

Tertulias are informal topic-based presentations meant to generate conversation about issues that we are currently exploring as researchers or creative agents. The goals is to share this in-progress work and our humanities-related passions, to make them public and accessible, but also to engage to our college community in an informed but informal conversation. All faculty and staff engaged in disciplinary or interdisciplinary projects where any aspect or discipline in the humanities or interdisciplinary connections are central are encouraged to participate as presenters and conversation leaders. Their audience will be primarily faculty, but also staff and/or sometimes, a selected number students, as they prefer. Tertulias typically take place in the Carmen Marin Room (C-411F) at 3:30pm and gather an intimate group of attendees around a table filled with refreshments.

The original Tertulia Series was launched under the leadership of Prof. Carlos Sanabria in 2008 and re-launched in the Fall of 2014 under the leadership of Prof. Inmaculada Lara-Bonilla, new coordinator of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. On Novermber…. prof. Carlos Sanabria shared his research on Puerto Rican labor theater with a presentation titled “Acting Up: Puerto Rican Labor Theater in the Early 20th Century.”On February 19th, the College’s Grants Officer, Lourdes Torres, and Prof. Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez shared the content, rationale, and logistical details of the upcoming Faculty Seminar taking place in Havana, Cuba in the summer of 2015 that they have planed. The conversation was greatly enriched by a visual presentation by Mr. Marino Corniel, photojournalist and College Lab Assistant in the Humanities Department. On March 10th, Prof. Alberto Bird will present his recently completed “Recording of Nineteenth-Century Puerto Rican Danzas” by Alberto Bird, pianist, and Rees Shad and Dylan Shad, recording engineers. All are invited to join this conversation lead by Prof. Alberto Bird on Tuesday, March 10th, at 3:30pm, we will meet in the Music Studio classroom (C-418H)

We look forward to seeing you at the Humanties Tertulia Series!

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