Black History Month Summary

Ana Ozuna
Assistant Professor
Humanities Department

Last semester, the Black Studies and Media Design Programs created a social justice coalition called Hostos Hands Up with the objective of providing the Hostos community with a platform to respond to the unjust police practices against Black men and women. On December 13, 2014, over 75 Hostos students and faculty participated in Millions March NYC with the coordination of Hostos Hands Up. Prior to the March, students and faculty prepared for this elating experience by reproducing 100 protest signs, designed by Professor Sarah Sandman. Several of the original signs are currently in display as part of the “Respond” exhibition at the Smack Mellon Art Gallery in Brooklyn.

The Black Studies Unit planned the 2015 Black History Month program with the objective of continuing the work of Hostos Hands Up. Our program will start off with a lecture by Dr. Muhammad who will delineate the history of racist policing and unfair treatment of African Americans based on his recent publication “The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime and the Making of Modern America”. In the following presentation, Dr. Williams will present an overview of the emancipatory knowledge needed to address present social justice issues. Our “Know Your Rights” workshop will provide participants with a breakdown of their legal rights when interacting with law enforcement officials. Our last three, programs will feature a lecture on Afro-Cuban spirituality, an Afro-Brazilian martial arts performance, and an Egyptian yoga workshop to provide participants with the opportunity to experience the diversity of cultural practices of the African Diaspora.

The Black Studies Unit appreciates the support from Student Activities, Student Government Association, Office of Academic Affairs, Media Design Program, Black Student Union, Hip-Hop Club, Capoeira Committee, and the Caribbean Student Association.

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