How To

Below you will find “How To” videos on using Panopto. While Panopto is very easy to use, there are a few steps you need to take in order to activate and use it within Blackboard.

Video Tutorials

Configure Your Course Folder for Panopto
Downloading the Panopto Recorder
Creating a Panopto Capture
How to Archive Your Panopto Recordings
  • Uploading Content
    • To upload content click create, then upload, then select content you wish to upload.

PDF Tutorials




    All Smart Classrooms with a ceiling mounted video camera have the ability to capture video.

    NONE BUT ONE OF THE SMART ROOMS HAVE AUDIO CAPTURE CAPABILITY (C-567), without the assistance of an external device.

    If you need and external camera, and/or microphone please come to the Office of Educational Technology in C-556, to discuss alternatives.

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