Student Responsibilities for Online Learning

To succeed in an online class, students must have proficient computer skills,  be self-motivated and committed to learning and working independently. Online classes are a good option for self-starters and for students who can take the initiative to complete coursework without direct supervision of a professor. Students are expected to work as much in an online course as in a traditional face-to-face class.

1. Online learning is NOT for everyone. Individuals who prefer face-to-face communication or traditional group work should weigh these factors before deciding whether an online course is appropriate. Academic standards for online courses are the same as those for all other courses offered at Hostos.  All students who want to take  an online course should e-mail the instructor before registering to explain their decision to register for the course.

2. For hybrid (blended) courses, students will have in-class sessions approximately once a week. Students are expected to accomplish from 33%  to 67% of coursework online.

3. For asynchronous (online) courses, all classes are online, but there is the possibility that some exams will be taken in a classroom. Students will receive written directions from the instructor. The interaction between the instructor and the students (and among students) is based on writing, reading, and comprehension of posts and on participating in online discussions. Asynchronous courses require lots of writing and reading in addition to completion of assigned textbook, lectures and other required readings and projects. It is expected that all online students can express themselves and communicate effectively in writing. Online students must have a sense of self-advocacy.

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