Blackboard is the Course Management System(CMS) that Hostos uses to deliver online learning. While there are countless functions that Blackboard can utilize to help facilitate online learning, the technical methods can sometimes be overwhelming to new instructors. This YouTube playlist highlights and answers many of the frequent issues that instructors encounter when using Blackboard.

Blackboard Learn: For Instructors

In Plain English

The videos below explain common online tools and pedagogues to instructors who would like to use online learning in new and different ways.

These videos will also helps instructors gain an overall sense of how to use these tools in an online learning environment.

Making Sense of Universal Design Learning
Flipping the Classroom: Explained
Blogs in Plain English
Wikis in Plain English
Google Docs in Plain English

Changing Education Paradigms

Online education isn’t just converting traditional classroom education into an online environment, it’s about shifting the methodology by which we teach. Below is Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk in animation about shifting educational paradigms. This talk/animation puts education as whole into a context where change in the delivery of content in online education is needed.

Changing Education Paradigms

Educational Research

Below are .PDFs of resources and literature to help explore and develop various methodologies and research done in Online Learning.

7 Things You Should Know About Flipped Classrooms
This article tells you all the things you need to know when looking to use a flipped model in your class.
Download Here

Building Empathy in Online Courses: Effective Practical Approaches
Richard G. Fuller
This research will help do demonstrate how to build a rapport and continue to keep students engaged by promoting empathy in online learning environments.
Download Here

Increase Online Retention With Universal Design for Learning
Thomas J. Tobin
This research will help to develop best practices by identifying key challenges faced when developing a universal design pedagogue.
Download Here

Online Learning Environments in Higher Education: Connectivism vs. Dissociation
Sasha A. Reese
This research addresses a disassociation that can occur when using online learning models, and methodologies to address this before it can occur.
Download Here

Transforming American Education Learning Powered by Education, National Education Technology Plan 2010
U.S. Department of Education
This report outlines the standards set forth by the Department of Education with regards to technology incorporation.
Download Here

Evolving Learning for the New Digital Era
Inside Higher Ed
The articles in this compilation explore the many ways that teaching and learning are evolving in light of online learning trends.
Download Here

The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment
This research explored the gaps between current learning management tools and a digital learning environment that could meet the changing needs of higher education.
Download Here

Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States
I. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman
This study, like those for the previous nine years, tracks the opinions of chief academic officers and is aimed at answering fundamental questions about the nature and extent of online education.
Download Here

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