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Online Learning…

…at Hostos Community College refers to courses that are delivered through either the hybrid modality, or the asynchronous modality. Collected here are a variety resources and information designed to assist students and faculty with the various initiatives being conducted at Hostos Community College in online learning.

What is Online Learning?
Asynchronous and hybrid courses take place either entirely or partially online rather than in the traditional classroom setting. Blackboard is the platform for these courses. Enrolled students will need to use their CUNY Portal account to access their courses in Blackboard.

What is an Asynchronous Course?

In asynchronous courses, all class activities take place online via the Internet. Students participate by logging into Blackboard at their convenience. Students are expected to complete all readings, assignments, and online discussions.

What is a Hybrid Course?

In hybrid courses, class activities are split between online and face-to-face meetings. For the online meetings, as in asynchronous courses, students participate by logging into Blackboard at their convenience. The class meets face-to-face once a week.
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