Faculty and Staff

Access Services

Rhonda Johnson Head of Access Services rhjohnson@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4214
Emma Kent-Traore Evening & Weekend Supervisor etraore@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4218
Santa Ojeda Reserves Manager sojeda@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4224
Miriam Santiago Circulation Manager msantiago@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4222

Library Administration

Madeline Ford Chief Librarian mford@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4211
Amam Ogunka Office Manager aogunka@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4203
Jason Sandoval IT Coordinator jsandoval@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4202

Media Services

Julio Figueroa Head of Media Services jfigueroa@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4225


Tatiana Bryant Adjunct Reference Librarian tbryant@hostos.cuny.edu
Jose Diaz Head of Reference jdiaz@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4212
Diane DiMartino Adjunct Reference Librarian ddimartino@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4215
Carolle Elie Adjunct Reference Librarian celie@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4215
Kate Lyons Reference & Information Technology Librarian clyons@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4213


William Casari College Archivist & Instruction Librarian wcasari@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4220
Miriam Laskin Coordinator of Instructional Services & Reference Librarian mlaskin@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4207
Haruko Yamauchi Librarian & Liaison to College Transition Programs hyamauchi@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-6671

Technical Services

Iliari Manon Serials & Processing Assistant imanon@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4204
Gloria Minier Bilingual Copy Cataloger gminier@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4204
Ana Rosado Acquisitions & Serials Data Manager arosado@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4217
Jennifer Tang Acquisitions & Outreach Librarian jtang@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4298
Elisabeth Tappeiner Head of Technical Services etappeiner@hostos.cuny.edu 718-518-4221