Alumni Library Services

The Hostos Community College Library provides a variety of services to members of the Hostos Alumni Association. In addition to basic browsing and in-house use of the library for personal and business needs, Alumni members have additional privileges including, but not limited to full access to in-house use of the library’s collections and services. Specific services include:

  • Reference assistance with research and search strategies and instructional support for use of print and non-print sources.
  • Full access to the periodical, microfilm and monograph collections for use in-house.
  • Full access to all of Hostos Library’s online electronic collection. This includes over 30 unique databases covering a variety of subject areas. Resources include Lexis-Nexis AcademicUniverse, providing full-text access to more than 5,000 journals and newspapers, including the New York Times from 1980 to the present; Academic Search Premier, a full-text periodical service covering more than 3,200 periodicals in the social and behavioral sciences, humanities and current events; Health Reference Center, a full-text service that provide consumer health information;¡Informe!, a database created exclusively for Spanish-speaking users that offers full text access to popular Hispanic/Latino magazines; and Ethnic NewsWatch, a full-text collection of articles, editorials, and reviews published in the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic minority and native press.
  • Professional Development Workshops Series on the new technologies. Introductory instruction in the use of new online information resources and systems are available through our Information Literacy program. This provides alumni with an excellent opportunity to upgrade skills and stay current with new developments in the information technologies that are so vital to career development. Alumni can register for workshops at the Reference Desk in the Library.

**The Hostos Library does not honor alumni cards from other CUNY Libraries. Alumni library privileges are specific to individual CUNY libraries and are not transferable between campuses.