Borrowing and renewing books, DVDs, and more

Circulating books (from the main reading room downstairs) may be taken out for 4 weeks at a time (late fine is 25 cents per day).

Reserve books (from the reserve room upstairs) may be taken out for 2 hours at a time (late fine is at least 5 dollars per hour and $25 per day; please watch your time very closely!)

Circulating DVDs may be taken out for 1 week at a time (late fine is $1.20/day).

Laptops may be taken out for 1 week at a time (late fine is $25/day, $1,300 to replace). 

Calculators may be taken out for 3 days at a time (late fine is $10/day).

Please make sure you pay your fines!
If you owe $5 or more in fines, you will not be allowed to borrow anything else from Hostos or any other CUNY college until you have paid.

You also won’t be able to use the library’s databases from off-campus or to request that any book be sent from another CUNY.

Here’s how to avoid getting a fine in the first place: Did you know? You can manage your account from anywhere, online. If you want to check when your book is due, or want to renew it, just do this:

(1) From the library homepage, click on “library catalog”:library homepage

(2) Click on “My Account/Renew”:

my account

(3) Enter your barcode (the numbers on the back of your Hostos ID) as BOTH the “barcode” and “password”:


(4) Click on “loans” to find out the due dates of books you have out. (Any fines you have will be listed as “cash transactions”)

account details

(5) You can check the due date of your books here.  To get more time, you can either click on “renew all”, or click on the boxes just by the books you want to renew, and then click on “renew selected”.

due dates

(6) If the renewal is a success, you’ll see a message like this:


(7) If the renewal can’t go through (for example, if someone else has requested the book), you’ll see a message like this – please notice that the “renewed” and “not renewed” messages look awfully alike at a glance, so it’s ALWAYS a good idea to check the due date again to see if you were able to renew.

NOT renewed