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Our Mission

As an academic department, the Hostos Community College Library functions as a dynamic center of teaching and learning. The Library provides information literacy tools that enhance the pursuit of knowledge by teaching our college community to retrieve, critically evaluate and synthesize information for academic, professional and personal pursuits.

In this thriving urban environment, we partner with each academic department to broaden and contextualize all areas of study, selecting and using the necessary instructional materials, related equipment and services that will assist the college in meeting its educational, cultural and social obligations.

As vanguards of information, the library faculty supports an environment of free and critical thought to realize the goals of a bilingual, metropolitan and multicultural community college.

More on our Mission and Vision

Knowledge and freedom were what Eugenio María de Hostos wanted for his own people and for all the people of the world. As the first college in the United States to bear his name, we strive for no less. As the library that serves this college, we are passionately dedicated to the mission of our institution and have designed all of our programs and initiatives around helping our college meet its’ institutional and community goals. In this regard, we have developed a mission statement that bolsters our commitment to supporting our students in the acquisition of English and the critical academic literacy skills that will serve to break down the barriers that have contributed to the exclusion of our community from higher education in the past.

Thus, in 2003/04 we revised our mission statement to reflect an emphasis on teaching and defining ourselves as a teaching library. At the heart of our mission is our Information Literacy initiative, which we view as the driving force behind our vision for the Library. We believe it is our duty and role to provide our students with these critical skills in order to be successful in their academic and life pursuits and all of our programming, collection development and instructional activities are founded on this belief.

As the library that bears the Hostos name, we have also claimed our role as a research and community resource for information by and about Eugenio María de Hostos in the United States. By establishing a comprehensive collection for research and study on Hostos at Hostos, we strive to provide a unique opportunity for our students, faculty and our surrounding communities from the Bronx and all of New York City to explore with us the rich threads that are brought together in the life experience and works of this extraordinary man.

College Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission of The City University of New York to provide access to higher education for all who seek it, Eugenio María de Hostos Community College was established in the South Bronx to meet the higher educational needs of people from this and similar communities who historically have been excluded from higher education.

The mission of Eugenio María de Hostos Community College is to offer access to higher education leading to intellectual growth and socio-economic mobility through the development of linguistic, mathematical, technological, and critical thinking proficiencies needed for lifelong learning and for success in a variety of programs including careers, liberal arts, transfer, and those professional programs leading to licensure.

The College takes pride in its historical role in educating students from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, particularly Hispanics and African Americans. An integral part of fulfilling its mission is to provide transitional language instruction for all English-as-a-Second-Language learners along with Spanish/English bilingual education offerings to foster a multicultural environment for all students. Hostos Community College, in addition to offering degree programs, is determined to be a resource to the South Bronx and other communities served by the College by providing continuing education, cultural events, and expertise for the further development of the communities it serves.

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