General RequirementsCredits
English 110 Expository Writing3
English 111 Literature and Composition3
Foreign Language (Spanish, French, or Italian)3
Mathematics 100 College Mathematics3
Natural Science4
Psychology 10 General Psych or
Sociology 101 Introduction3
Liberal Arts Electives5
Major Requirements
DD101 Introduction to the Digital Toolbox3
DD102 Media Design in the Digital Age3
DD105 2D Design3
DD112 Intro to Web Design3
GD 101 Introduction to Games (studio)3
GD 102 Beyond Games3
GD 105 Introduction to Flash (studio)3
GD 201 Digital Games3
GD 210 Game Studio (studio)3
Major Electives
(Choose 3 for total of 9 Credits)
DD111 Introduction to Sound Design3
GD 205 Game Programming (studio)3
DD113 Introduction to Motion Graphics3
DD207 Introduction to Maya3
DD107 Concepts in Animation3
Total Degree Credits60