Adjunct Information

This information is here to help the Adjunct faculty in the Hostos Digital Programs to navigate the year smoothly. Please let me know what additional questions you might have or ideas for helpful information by submission via the contact form.

The Hostos Digital Programs Staff

Rees Shad
Associate Professor & Chair of Humanities
office: room C-412
mobile: 518-796-0863
work: 718-581-7105
home: 845-225-1868
Catherine Lewis
Assistant Professor & MDP Coordinator
office: room C-412
work: 718-518-6703
mobile: 917-583-8104
Marino A. Corniel
Sr. College Laboratory Technician (CLT)
office: room C-459
work: 718-518-6791
mobile: 347-998-4927

The Hostos Digital Programs Labs & Classrooms

Hostos Apple Co-LAB Room C515
This space is meant to be educational, social, and the “hub” of the Digital Programs.
Open hours are posted outside the door.
Digital Classroom Room C516
This classroom is outfitted with 29 Apple computer stations so that each student can follow along in real-time with technical lectures. In addition, there is a center conference table to encourage “analog” conversation and discussion.
Hostos Sound Studio Room C418
This Sound Studio had it’s grand opening in Spring 2011. It provides Digital Music students with state-of-the-art recording space and classroom. Students can reserve time in this studio via college assistant on duty.
Hostos Game Lab Room C456
The Game Lab is a new addition to the Hostos MDP. Six computer/table clusters are positioned around the room for group/team work. The iMacs are built into the tables and pull out when needed. There are also open-lab times, scheduled each semester and posted outside the lab.
Eugenio María de Hostos Community College Campus Map.
Building “A” – 475 Grand Concourse
Building “C” – 450 Grand Concourse
Savoy “D” – 120 East 149th Street
Administration “G” – 135 East 146th Street
Trailer Site 5 “T5” – 527 Walton Avenue
Hostos Campus Map

Hostos Campus Map

Important Locations around Campus
Adjunct Office(Use this space for Office Hours or before class) C-416
Humanities Office // Adamaris Lopez, CUNY Office Assistant C-412A
Human Resources // 718-518-6650 B-215
Information Technology // 718-518-6646 B-425
Public Safety Department // 718-518-6888 C-030
Public Safety ID Card CenterBasement of the “B” building B Basement
BursarBasement of the Savoy Building(D) Savoy Basement
Payroll — 427 Walton Avenue Trailer
Cafeteria“C”Building on the 3rd Floor by the Bridge C-3rd Floor
Library A-308
* All communication should pass through Adamaris Lopez.

What if there is an emergency? What is the number for Hostos Public Safety? HOSTOS PUBLIC SAFETY: 718-518-6888
All Professors whether they be full-time or adjunct should have Hostos Public Safety programmed into their cell phone or printed in the emergency section of their address book.

Telephone: (718) 518-6888
A – Building Ext. 3901
B – Building Ext. 7034
C – Building Ext. 7033

Do I need an ID to enter the building?

Initially no. You need only tell security that you are a new adjunct and you are here to get the paperwork started. When they ask where you are going tell them C-515 the Apple Lab. You will need to go to HR in the B building to take care of your paperwork and you will need to go to IT ,also in the B building, to secure email address, etc.

Where do I go to fill out paperwork and what do I need to have with me?

You need to go to HR on the 2nd floor in the “B” building room B-215 to fill out the paperwork. You must have a valid form of Government-issued ID (Drivers License or Passport) and your Social Security card.
HR Regular Office Hours: Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
HR Summer Hours: Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
New Employee Page of Hostos HR Website:

How do I get an ID and Email Address?

Once you have completed your paperwork with HR you can get your ID in the basement of the “B” building. Once you have your ID you can go to IT in the “B” building room B-425 and receive your email address and password for all your Hostos communication. It is suggested that once you sign up for your email address you should register for the Self-Service Password Management. This will ensure that you are able to reset your password remotely.
Please Note: THIS CAN TAKE TIME. You are unable to access email until the PAR (official appointment) has been approved. There is nothing we can do until this time. Approval is expected the 2nd week of school.

How do I get a roster for my class?

Login to Cuny first you will have access to your rosters.

Where do I pick up keys to room?

When you are notified that your keys are ready for pickup (via email and memo in your box) you can go down to the basement in the C building to room C030 Public Safety.

Do I have a box where I receive departmental communication and official paperwork?

Yes. Written communication will be placed in a box labeled with your name in room C416 Adjuncts room. Check this box each week and please treat requests with URGENCY. There will often be situations where certain departments (HR, IT) might be closed during the hours you are at Hostos or our Humanities Assistant, Wendy Pimentel, or the Visual and Performing arts Assistant, Irma Silva, have already left for the day by the time you arrive. We will need to deal with these obstacles on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty Restrooms

The Ladies/Mens Restroom on the 5th floor is not great — is there another restroom for ladies/men to use? YES! The Restrooms on the 4th floor are for Faculty and Staff only. The password for the Ladies is 758341#. The password for the Mens is 872534# (the lock is wonky… keep trying). Please do not distribute this password to any students — this is expressly for Faculty and Staff.

Do I have to hold Office Hours?

Part-time faculty with two or more courses should hold 1.0 hr of office hours per week. Please send Marie Gonzalez ( in the Humanities Department office an email with the day and time that you will be holding office hours. You are not required to have an office hour if you are teaching just one course.

Do I have access to the classroom before class begins?

Availability depends on the schedule but it is usually 15 minutes in advance of the start of class.

Will there be a slide projector I can plug my laptop into?

If you are scheduled to teach in room C516: Yes. There is an instructor’s station with projector. To turn on the projector power button on the wall above the station. Please remember to always power down the projector after use. You may connect your own laptop to this projector, as well.
If you are scheduled to teach in another room: We’ll have an AV cart for you in the Hostos Digital offices in room C515-A (in the back of the Design Lab) with VGA cable (bring an adapter as needed).

Are there any supplies provided or available?

Students should be expected to bring supplies that you list in the syllabus. No other supplies are able to be provided.

Is there a DryErase Board in the classroom?

There is a DryErase Board in room C516. Markers are available in the office if they are not on the tray of the board itself. The availability in other classrooms must be confirmed on a case-by-case basis.

Email Questions:

What is the email policy for teachers? Should I give out my personal email? Will there be a school email that I may use for students to reach me?
You will be given a hostos email which we suggest that you use. Other professors have given students personal email and phone number in the past. Use your own judgement here.

Will there be web access for teachers and students to share projects over a server?

Public Folders are available within the Lab and C516 Classroom. The Dropbox function can be enabled if it is not already done so in System Preferences > Sharing.

Where can I get a hold of the school schedule?

This is on the Hostos website:
Also, you may subscribe to an iCal calender of the school schedule: Hostos Academic Calendar for iCal
Please note that each class should meet for 14 classes and the final would be the 15th meeting of the class. This detail can help in navigating the semester.

How do I make copies of my syllabus or other handouts?

Duplicating in the “B” building basement for your use. They can usually get them turned around on the same day if there are fewer than 100 copies, I think.
Also, it is required that you send your syllabus to Marie Gonzalez ( in the Humanities Department office each semester by the end of the first week of school.

Do I have to keep attendance?

Yes. At the end of the semester you will need to email a copy of your attendance to Marie Gonzalez ( in the Humanities Department office. In addition, there will be a scantron document in your box after the third meeting of your class. You will need to fill this form in completely and on-time as students’ financial aid depends on it.

When will I get an official class list?

If you are a returning professor then you might have your class listed in Blackboard. You must have registered with the CUNY Portal to access this. Here are the directions:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Portal Log-in/Blackboard/eSIMS” link in left-hand navigation
  • Click on “Blackboard 8 Direct >>”
  • Enter Login and Password (Again, you will have had to register your Hostos email address with the CUNY Portal to have access)
  • Click on the chosen class from the list in the right-hand column. The class will only be listed once it is confirmed that you are teaching (that enrollment is acceptable).
  • Click on “Control Panel” from the left-hand navigation.
  • Click on “List/Modify Users” from the “User Management” Pane on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on the “List All” tab.
  • Click the “List All” button to confirm.
  • A list of registered students should appear. Please note that if your class has more than 20 students or so there might be a second page of names which you can access through navigation at the bottom of the page.
  • The list can be copied and pasted into most all word processing or spreadsheet applications.


Do students get a detailed course description or syllabus?

Professors are responsible for printing up their version of the syllabus that was provided by the Hostos Digital Program and handing it out on the first day of class. Changes to the syllabus can involve ALL BUT Overview & Objectives.

Am I able to use Blackboard in my class?

YES! We highly recommend that you make available the Blackboard site for all of your courses…even if you are only posting the course syllabus. Here are two video screenshots to help you with this. Reach out to me at if you are interested in a more in-depth tutorial of Blackboard.
Making Your Blackboard Site Available
Adding your Syllabus to Blackboard

Are the required books available in the school bookstore?

The required design books are not for sale in the Hostos Bookstore. PDFs should be available on all desktops in the Lab, we can keep them on the website for them, and copies of most books are available at the Reserves Desk of the Hostos Library in the “A” building (just across the bridge).

Will I have my own login on the instructor’s station computer either in C516 or on the AV Cart laptop?

Yes, new professors will be added to the login list on the necessary computer. The laptop password should be the professor’s first name.

Is there wifi access? If so, how do I get password?

There is no password for WIFI on campus but you will need to sign in using an outside email address or your Hostos email and password. The WIFI is spotty in classrooms on the 4th floor, so an ethernet cable is available on the AV Cart.

How do I submit grades?

Grades are submitted on-line. When the end of the semester arrives you will receive notice that the On-line grading system is available via a link on the Hostos website.

What if a student has been absent more than three times?

The policy stated on all Digital Design syllabi (unless changed by the professor) and supported by our program is that students will receive a failing grade if they are absent more than 3 times. Thus, a student will fail after their 4th absence. Ultimately, any variance of this policy is up to the individual professor. Please reach out to full-time faculty for any questions or concerns about individual students.

What is the difference between giving a student a “D” and an “F”?

There is a very important difference between giving a student a “D” and an “F” and how it affects a student’s GPA. A “D” calculates into a student’s GPA as a 1.0 and an “F” is averaged in as a 0.0. However, a student is allowed to retake a class where they have received an “F” and their GPA will be calculated based on the new grade, thus saving their GPA in the long run. The student’s transcript will show an “R” for the original semester when the student received the failing grade.
The full-time faculty in the Digital Programs encourage adjuncts to email students with “D” averages about the differences between these two grades and ask them whether they would be interested in receiving an “F” so that they can retake the class and have the opportunity to get a better grade and have stronger GPA. The full-time faculty often suggests this pathway in hopes that the student will also learn more the second time in the classroom and feel success in overcoming past failures.
Please reach out to full-time faculty with questions and concerns regarding individual failing students. Thank you for your sensitivity on this point.

What do I need to turn in at the end of the semester?

Each professor should email to Marie Gonzalez ( in the Humanities Department office the following:

  • A document showing your grades for the semester. Simply print the screen when you submit your final grades via the on-line system. Please make sure that the class # and semester are clearly visible.
  • A document showing attendance for your class for the semester. Again, please make sure that the class # and semester/year are clearly visible.


Are tutors available to help my students?

The Apple Lab in C-515 has College Lab Assistants (CLA) who are there to assist your students. Not all CLA’s are well-versed in applications such as AfterEffects and Maya or mark-up languages such as HTML and CSS. Please let us know if this creates a problem in your class and we can address it.

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