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As you reflect on the Spring 2017 semester, was there at least one valuable lesson that you can pass on to other students regarding your academic journey? Please post the following information:

  • )  course were you enrolled in that presented the lesson
  • )  specific lesson you have learned about yourself as a learner/student
  • ) how and when (what part of the semester) you realized this
  • ) specific action you would/could do differently next time to improve..
  1. Esthepany Francisco 7 months ago

    I took the course EDU 104 online with Professor Mitchell and she was super supportive, understanding and motivating. In this course we learned how to write lessons, and different types of learned amongst other things, Throughout this semester I have learned that I have to be willing to communicate any difficulties I am encountering inside and outside of school. I have to ask for help and support when I need it, especially when the professor is very supportive. I realized this a few weeks before the end of the semester and I know things will be better in the long run. Next semester I will make sure to ask for clear directions, help and communicate my struggles.

  2. Roselix Perez 7 months ago

    I am enrolled in EDU 150. A lesson I have learned it’s that it’s never too late. Before I began my spring 2017 semester I had dropped out of college back in 2015 and did not want to go back. I didn’t want to go back because I was afraid of being lost and not knowing what was expected of me. I am a full-time employee so making it to campus was rather difficult so I decided to give an online course a chance, and I am so glad I have. I learned my lesson of “it is never too late” by starting my EDU150 online course because my professor made me feel confident. I would always have all these questions every time there was a different assignment and I would instantly feel stuck but me reaching out to me professor and her always responding definitely helped and motivated me to try hard. In this course it made me realize that no matter how much time off I took for my personal reasons as long as I stay motivated I can make things happen. To improve I believe I can maybe start taking more online classes since now I feel comfortable enough to handle more online courses. I can also improve in completing my assignments a lot faster so I can have more time to go back and proofread my work so that it can be perfect.

    Roselix Perez

  3. Anna Berkoh 6 months ago

    The one valuable lesson that I can pass on to other students regrading my academic journey is to be on top of your work. The course that I have enrolled in that presented this lesson was Education 107- Creative Arts for young children. The specific lesson that I have learned about myself as a learner is that you must know that there are some professors out there that care for you. I say this because every professor is different such as character and personality. But I would also include that as a learner you need to take what you learn seriously. As a student the specific lesson I learned is that you must not over stress yourself or worry that you will not do well in the class. I say this because as I was in this course I was striving to do my best and when I missed a couple of assignments I was anxious that I would not get a high mark in the class. I have noticed this in the middle of the semester when I felt the urge that I wanted to give up and drop the class. But I knew that I had to keep going and not give up. What I would do next time is that I would not over stress myself and relax. To improve I would have to give up the bad habit of doing things at the last minute. I’ll conclude that you must be alert.

  4. Patricia Torres 6 months ago

    A valuable lesson I learned this semester was that you can achieve anything if you really work for it. This happened almost at the end in my swimming class. At the beginning of the semester, I had a few negative thoughts about that course… even simple this like my hair will be ruined because of the pool, two days a week in a pool with this New York cold weather, etc. And now at the end of the semester, I’ve realized that everything is perfect, the semester is done and I’ve accomplished a lot. Sometimes the fear and the complications is in our head and the beginning will always be difficult and if you set your mind to think negative things, that’s what you will get. always be positive.

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