Body Mass Index (BMI) by Iris Mercado
The BMI is a statistical calculation that gives a uniform way to assess individual’s weight. It suggests the degree to which the individual may be at risk for obesity-related diseases. BMI is not a diagnostic tool but there is an established link between BMI and the prevalence of certain diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, some cancers, and Cardiovascular Disease. BMI is calculated from your height and weight. You can use the online BMI calculator to figure out your BMI by clicking this link:
This table offers a sample of BMI measurements. If you don’t see your height and/or weight listed on this table, go the NHLBI’s complete Body Mass Index Table.

Although BMI can be used for most men and women, it does have some limits. Some limitations of BMI are:
•Does not distinguish between high weights due to excess body fat, large muscle mass or edema. BMI may overestimate total body fat among athletes. Since muscle weighs more than fat, many athletes who develop heavily muscled bodies are classified as overweight, even though they have a low percentage of body fat and are in top physical condition.
•Fail to distinguish between how much of a person’s weight is fat and where the fat is located.
•Does not distinguish between genders, races, or ethnicities.
•The risks associated with a high BMI appear to be greater for whites than for blacks.
•May underestimate body weight for adults over 65 because BMI values are based on data collected from younger people and because people shrink with age.

Calculate your BMI and identify your weight category. Please comment on the space below on your opinion or reaction of the results (Always taking into consideration your cultural background, weight history, age, gender, waist circumference and health status/medical history).

  1. 4 years ago

    Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thanks,
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  2. tamara cameron 5 years ago

    My BMI calculates 26.6 which is considered overweight. I am 5 ft 3inches and 140 pounds. I am not really surprised that I am considered overweight considering my diet. However, looking at the information that tells that an overweight person is more at risk for disease when their waist line is bigger than 35 made me nervous. Considering my cultural background, previous weight, and medical history I realize I can be at my most optinium health if i incorporate more excercise and healthy eatings.

  3. Sheryl Soto 5 years ago

    My bmi is 22.6 I’m 5’5″ and weigh 136 lbs. This bmi is considered healthy and I am satisfied with that being that i’m 6 months pregnant. Before I got pregnant I weighed 118 lbs.which is a bmi of 19.6 and is also considered a healthy weight. I considered 118 lbs too skinny but i’m just one of those naturally thin people who can eat and eat and not gain a pound so I was always trying to gain weight without success. So far in my pregnancy I’ve gained 18 lbs and I still have another 3 months to go so I’ll probably gain at least another 10 pounds which doesn’t bother me as long as I have a healthy baby.

  4. tamara cameron 5 years ago

    I just checkd my BMI and I actually was surprised that I am considered overweight. what a slap in the face! However, this information is helpful to plan and eat healther and excercise more often.

  5. Jessica G. 5 years ago

    According to my BMI which is 23.43, I am considered to be at a healthy weight for a height of 5’1 and weight of 124 pounds. I was really shocked because I tend to skip meals and then when I eat I would over eat, especially in the night. When I was younger I was considered to be overweight and possibly obese, I was extremely worry because that put me at risk to develop diabetes especially since diabetes runs in my family. I’m happy that as I’ve grown I’ve managed to lose weight and establish a healthy weight. However, I think that physical activity and avoiding skipping meals will help me maintain a healthy weight and benefit me extremely.

  6. Valentina Potylitsyna 5 years ago

    According to the BMI calculator, my Body Mass Index is 22.3 , which is considered to be normal with my height of 5.4 and weight of 130 lbs. However, i gained 10 pounds over the spring semester and had not much of an additional exercise, except for jogging once/twice a week, daily walking, cleaning, cooking, etc. I can definitely see that extra 10 lbs added some unwanted “curves” to my body. However, since i am not a fan of fast food restaurants, and eating outside in general, my biggest concern for the increase in weight is due to too many total calories/day, especially gaining the worst habit of eating at night. Therefore, looking at BMI healthy range (18.5-24.9), i can conclude that staying closer to BMI of 20 will help me to loose 10 pounds, which should be easily accomplished with moderate exercise and lowering of the total calorie intake. i hope!

  7. Fevidaury Valerio Arias 5 years ago

    It is amazing to know a little bit more about our body and health every day. In addition,I really enjoyed calculating my body mass index and my mother as well. This way, I acquired more knowledge about how my body works which would benefit me not only in my nutrition class if not also in my life and my career.

  8. martha badllo 5 years ago

    after learning the risk of cvd and diabetis I worry about my weight and my husbands weight as well, I am trying to change my eating habbits my not buying dense nutrients. although I lost 12 pounds I feel like the weight is not coming off fast enough. I am 47 years old and I don’t want to live my life sick, I am getting on the train with this health stuff

  9. NANDINI SINGH 6 years ago

    My BMI is 21.7. I am considered normal weight. I never exercise and I believe I should start if I want to continue to have a normal BMI. Exercise would also help with staying away from type 2 diabetes, obesity, CVD, high blood pressure, etc.

  10. Nicholas Iacovino 6 years ago

    First of all let me say that the website looks fantastic! The vegetable platter looks especially enticing! In regards to BMI, it is a calculation and a classification that we all need to monitor closely. For myself at 5′ 10″, 172 pounds, my BMI is right on the border line of a healthy weight and a slightly overweight classification at 24.7. With advancing age and a decreasing metabolism, I will need to monitor my BMI closely and be very consistent in any adjustments to my diet and exercise program to avoid any increase in BMI. With increased BMI -25-29.9- overweight ,>30 obese, the chances of acquiring such life threatening conditions such as cardio vascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, liver disease, osteoarthritis and strokes increases. Clearly we can see the importance of maintaining a healthy BMI classification. I look forward to visiting this site in the future to increase my knowledge on how to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy optimum health. Nicholas Iacovino

  11. carina hiciano 6 years ago

    When i look up at my BMI score i was shocked!!!! it tells me that i am obese which indicates that i am at high risk of getting a stroke and type 2 diabetes. I have to change the lifestyle i have and get into rigorously exercise.!!
    thank you for this website.

  12. Walter Dore 6 years ago

    According to my BMI I am overweight. due to me knowing that my BMI is over-weight it bring my to having no choices but to change it as soon as possible. I will change my diet and eat more nutritious foods and involving more physical activities in my daily life.

  13. Millie Cintron 6 years ago

    Basic on my BMI I am at midpoint of over-weight. It truely make me worry, due to me wanted to live a long healthy life. At the same time I am glad i got the information of my BMI so that i could start trying my best to corrected and lower my BMI to average or the closes to the number of average. I dont and wont!!! wait until it’s to late, and or until im struck with severer disease that will or could not be cured because i take into play of my over-weight BMI. I will eat healther and less fried foods starting today so that i can reach my BMI goal. Thanks professor Mercado for all the information that I gain and will last me out my life time.

  14. Cristina Medina 6 years ago

    this is a great page.. now i know my BMI i thought i was overweight but according to me BMI my weight is totally normal. this is very important page because you can know what you to fix and how to do it. thank you for this great page

  15. agnes gyimah 6 years ago

    well according to the B MI i am considered overweight and obese.because i am 5″ 6′ and 235 bounds. this is very depressing to me in a lot of ways because it can lead me to hypertension,heart disease,and diabetes.although i have seen a nutritionist about my weight it is still difficult for me to lose it.but i believe that knowledge is the best thing you can have, so since i am taking a nutrition class my self i am require a lot of information about my body and changing my diet little by little as my professor advice and so i hope that will help me to accomplished this weight lost.

    • mramos 5 years ago

      I just checked my BMI and I found that it says i’m obese. my BMI is 30.7 I am 5’6″ and I weigh 190. I didn’t consider myself obese I knew I was overweight but not obese. so I really need to change my eating habits. I know that it is not gonna be easy but I will have to change the way I think about food in total in order to change this bad habit along with the right help. I need to do more activities, such as jogging, biking, walking. My family runs a lot of health issues and if I don’t take my health seriously I can end up with health problems myself.

  16. Nene U Bah 6 years ago

    According to my BMI, I am considered to have a normal body weight. i use to think am underweight because am so slim and i wanted to gain weight, but as i see this if i gain a little weight it might not be good for heart. and so am going to continue having my daily activities and the food am eating are just right for my health because i will try not to have any heart disease at this age am so happy knowing that i have a normal body weight.

  17. Ronald Cooper 6 years ago

    i just found out how important my BMI is. i know now that im obese and at high risk of certain diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and developing cancers. I what to make a plan, so i can lose wieght and decrese my risk of developing these dieases.i might use choose myplate to help me reach my goals.

    • Author
      IRIS MERCADO 6 years ago

      You can try using the fitness facilities at Hostos

  18. Issa Doumbia 6 years ago

    I found that my BMI was 20.1. It was a surprising result for me since I have considered myself as underweight. Well thats a good new I guess.

  19. belinda abanga 6 years ago

    according to my BMI i’m considered to be an obese.which has shocked me because i thought i had a healthy weight.but thanks to this web i can learn a lot of healthy foods to include in my diet,likewise others too can benefit from this web too.

  20. belinda abanga 6 years ago

    according to my BMI i’m an obese.which shocked me because i thought i was having a healthy weight.but thank to this web because i can learn a lot of healthy foods to include in my diet,likewise others to can also benefit from this web.

  21. Stacy fontanez 6 years ago

    According to my BMI calculation I am characterize as obesity. It’s no shocker to me, but I will try to do a little much better in my eating habits. And I will also excersize and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables since I hardly eat those. Also drink lots of water.

  22. Katian 6 years ago

    So I am slightly overweight according to my BMI but I kinda knew that because I have added quite a few pounds in the last year. Not sure why though. I eat the same things the I usually eat–though my diet is not entirely healthy–it has been somewhat consistent.. Meaning I eat excess of the things I like and ignore completely what I don’t like (which most times fall in the category of what is healthy and nutritious) lol
    Anyways i’ve noticed that as I grow older–the pounds are adding faster-this website helped me think about the possible drop in my metabolic rate. My BMI surprised me a little and will now motivate me to do what I know in the back of my mind that I need to..EXERCISE… Good luck guys. Let’s all try to be healthy

    • Author
      IRIS MERCADO 6 years ago

      You want to increase (no decrease) your metabolism by perhaps increase your physical activity, avoid skipping meals,… And decrease your BMI by gradually losing weight

  23. Gwendolyn Thomas 6 years ago

    Based on my BMI, I am on the border line to being overweight. I know that throughout the semester I have let myself go completely and that is something that I must change as soon as possible! There are so many things out there that affect our lives because of the lack of effort and choices we make to keep ourselves healthy. I have signed back up with my gym and have decided to at least do 3-5 day work outs and as for eating, guess I’ll have to pick something healthier during lunch than the usual things I choose to eat. I am hoping that many people take advantage of this blog and the benefits. There is enough information on here for you to make a right decision with your eating habits.

    • Author
      IRIS MERCADO 6 years ago

      What kind of topic do you wish to read and discussed here?

  24. Yarisa Angel-Rosado 6 years ago

    According to my BMI, i am considered overweight. I knew that i was overweight but i was not aware that my BMI value was on the higher end of the overweight section. Since cardiovascular disease and diabetes run in my family, knowing the value of my BMI has motivated me to make healthy lifestyle changes so that i hopefully will not be another person in my family to suffer from cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

  25. Dorixa Gonzalez 6 years ago

    My BMI made me look at myself much differently on how I have been looking at myself. I did not know I was considered overweight until I calculated my BMI. I am also sure that many people out there does not know neither. I am glad I can go on to this blog and learn more about healthy things, food etc. Thank you for having this website.

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