Instruction Set

Instruction Set DIY Game Files




  • Enviro Game Board
  • 1 Six Sided Die D6 (2-3 players)
  • 1 Eight Sided Die D8 (4-5 players)
  • 46 Development Cards (Hex Tiles)
  • 6 Scoring Tokens


  1. Place a scoring token on 75, the highest point on the Oxygen Scale. Place the other scoring tokens on the lowest number (0 or 1) for the remaining scales (Population, Food, Jobs, Housing and Rounds).
  2. Place the development deck, face down, on the black hexagon in the middle of the play field.
  3. Every player then draws 5 cards from the deck.



The goal of the game is to maintain a stable environment for as long as possible. Players are tasked with making sure that there are enough resources and oxygen for the population at the end of each round.


Every development card a player places on the field affects the environment. Each time a card is placed on the field players adjust the scales to reflect how much oxygen has been lost, and how many jobs, housing units, and food sources have been gained.


At the start of the game, one player will flip the top card from the development deck and set it anywhere on the board. They will then adjust the scales by adding jobs, housing units, and food sources and bringing down the oxygen by however much green has been lost (see legend on board {fig. 3}). Begin Round 1.

At the beginning of every round either a 6 sided (if 2-3 players) or 8 sided die (if 4-5 players) will be rolled to determine the increase of the population.

Play continues clockwise around the board with each player setting down a development card in an attempt to meet or exceed the population by the end of the round.

Note: Players must have five cards in their hands at all times.  

If a player feels that their placing a card will not benefit the round, they may chose to pass. When all players have finished their turns, the round ends. The round token is advanced one position {fig. 4} and the round begins.


Players continue playing, round after round, as long as they can sustain the population. If, by the end of a round, population surpasses jobs, housing units, food sources or oxgen, the game ends.

Enviro fig 1

fig. 1 /// The Game Board

Enviro fig 2

fig. 2 /// Game pieces

Enviro fig 3

fig. 3 /// Legend

Enviro fig 4

fig. 4 /// Player progressing to the next round