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In an ePortfolio at Hostos Community College, you can collect, reflect and share in this XXI Century Community. For many years, universities have used portfolios to assess the level of skill students have achieved in a particular program and as a valuable tool for career connections. Digital technologies are now transforming the ways students may represent themselves and their work to employers, colleagues, and the community.
To learn more about ePortfolios, take some time to watch the video from “Dr. Helen Barrett introduces ePortfolios”
An ePortfolio is more than a resume – it can be a powerful bridge for professional development – presenting evidence of your academic work, career goals, and personal interests.
A web-based portfolio will allow you to archive and display a wide range of your work using various types of media (text, MS Word, or PDF files), power point, web-links, audio, video, graphics and other multimedia. As a website or CD, your ePortfolio can also be easily moved, archived and shared with others worldwide.

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