Benefits of ePortfolios

Below is a short list of some of the benefits that ePortfolios offer to students:

  • Help to focus on student thinking and self-reflection
  • Help to document the learner’s progress overtime
  • Provide a space to showcase their accomplishments
  • Provide a space to showcase their skills
  • Provide an opportunity to maintain connections with classmates, instructors, and other contacts.
  • Enhance student’s communication and organizational skills
  • Enhance student participation and collaboration in a community setting
  • Provides access to develop 21st Century skills (web 2.0 and social learning)
  • Help students build their professional digital identity
  • Help to better position as a potential employment candidate

ePorfolios also offer many benefits to faculty, here are some:

  • Help to increase student engagement
  • Help to increase student participation
  • Provides opportunities for authentic assessment
  • Provides activities to improve critical thinking and self-reflection

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