ENG 111

English 111, the second semester of freshman composition and a foundational writing course, introduces students to techniques for close reading of literary texts. This course develops students’ critical thinking skills through the study of literary elements such as plot, character, setting, point of view, symbolism, and irony. Additionally, students will learn the Modern Language Association (MLA) system of parenthetical citation and how to incorporate quotations into their analysis of literary texts; they will also complete a research assignment by consulting both print and online sources. Students will be able to interpret and write critically about each of the three major genres: fiction, poetry, and drama.


Note: As of Fall 2016, the library is discontinuing their workshops and running a pilot program for students. Since the workshops are no longer available all ENG 111 instructors should remove the Library Workshops requirement from their syllabus and should not include the workshops in their grade breakdown.

Your syllabus must contain the catalog course description, learning objectives, the CUNY attendance policy, and the ADA statement.

Orders of Backpack Literature, the default textbook for English 111, may be slow to come in. If your students do not have copies of the text in the first week or so of the semester, consider using the following materials: 1) a short story; 2) a test of reading comprehension and background knowledge of literature and MLA style; and 3) a test of the MLA style and paraphrasing skills that should have been taught in English 110.

A sample short story, Andrew Ridker’s “From the Diary of Your Unlived Life,” is linked here should you wish to use it in your section. Below you will find PDFs of sample reading comprehension and other skills tests. The reading comprehension test document draws upon the Ridker short story.




The current course manager for English 111 is Professor Lou Bury. 




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