Course Description

English 110, a foundational writing course, is designed to strengthen students’ composing skills so that they will produce increasingly complex and better-structured essays.  Reading and responding to interdisciplinary texts representing various rhetorical modes, students will practice paraphrasing and summarizing these texts, enrich their vocabulary, and improve their writing, revision, and proofreading skills.  Additionally, students will be introduced to the use of print and on-line secondary sources.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to respond critically, in writing, to a variety or texts, integrating their own ideas with those presented in the readings.

Syllabus Template 

ENG 110 Syllabus Template Fall 2016

Use this template in designing your individual English 110 course syllabus. The template contains the course description, as well as learning objectives and an ADA statement, that MUST  be included verbatim in all English 110 syllabi. Other sections of the template include guidance for how to structure grading and attendance policies.

NOTE: For Fall 2016 the library is discontinuing their workshops and running a pilot program for students. Since the workshops are no longer available all ENG 110 instructors should remove the Library Workshops requirement from their syllabus and should not include the workshops in their grade breakdown. More details to follow.

Sample Syllabus

ENG 110 Sample Syllabus

This syllabus incorporates the required elements from the template and also fills out the other policies, pieces of information, and  schedule of readings.

Course manager contact information 

The current co-course managers for English 110 are Professor Heidi Bollinger and Professor Andy Connolly.


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