The beginnings of the Office of Educational Technology go back to the mid 1990’s with the establishment of the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT), with Professor Loreto Porte of Mathematics as Director, and the Academic Computing Committee, now the Educational Technology Leadership Council.

In 2002 the Teaching Innovation Support Center (TISC) was established within OIT to provide assistance to faculty as more of them were teaching online courses, implementing  online components to their classroom courses, and using technology in the classroom. OIT and TISC, working with innovative faculty, pioneered ground-breaking projects and initiatives, including interactive test review sites, faculty technology workshops, use of pda’s (which evolved into the current mobile technology initiatives), a lecture capture video initiative, interactive websites for Academic Affairs and special programs, and a digital design internship program.

Within a few years the TISC  services and facilities were expanded and became a more integral part of OIT, and OIT was renamed the Office of Educational Technology (EdTech).

The gallery below recollects a sample of  projects since 2003.
Academic Affairs Website

Office of Academic Affairs Website
Department Websites

Department Websites

Book-of-the-Semester Project

Book-of-the-Semester Project

College Now!

College Now

College Now

CUNY ACT Reading Test

CUNY ACT Reading Test Review

CUNY Compass Reading Exam

 Information Competency Tutorials (Library) CUNY Compass Mathematics Exam

Information Learning Commons

Information Learning Commons

Library’s Research Guides

Library Research Guides

Neruda en el Corazón” posters

"Neruda en el Corazón" posters

Lecciones del Quijote, Quixote’s Legacy” posters"Lecciones del Quijote, Quixote's Legacy" posters
PDA/PALM in the ClassroomPDA/PALM in the Classroom The Heart, Arryhthmias and Drugs. Section 1

The Heart, Arryhthmias and Drugs. Section 1

The Heart, Arrhythmias an

d Drugs. Section 2The Heart, Arrhythmias and Drugs. Section 2

Student Workshops System


Women’s Studies Website

Women's Studies Website

Hostos Success Academy

Hostos Success Academy

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