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For a more comprehensive collection of Blackboard User Guides and complete information about Blackboard 9.1 at CUNY, visit the CUNY Blackboard site
Below are links to downloadable pdf tutorials that introduce you to using Blackboard and its most important tools and features:

Video Tutorials

Getting Oriented with Blackboard Learn
How To Design Your Course Entry Point
How to Add a Tool Link to Your Course
How To Make Your Course Available to Students
How to Create Announcements in Your Course
How to Send Email in Blackboard Learn
How to Use SafeAssign
Blackboard Inline Grading for Assignments
Using the Content Editor
How to Create Discussion Board Forums
How to Create a Blog
How to Create a Journal
How To Create and Manage Wikis
How to Create a Mashup
How to Create a Rubric for Grading Student Work
How to Grade Using a Rubric
How To Create a Test in Blackboard Learn
How to Build a Pool of Test Questions
How to Upload Test Questions from Microsoft Excel
How to Export and Import a Test or Survey
How to Set Test Options
Color Code the Grade Center
How to Create a Smart View of Grade Center Data
How to Download and Upload Grades from the Grade Center
Using Item Analysis in Blackboard Learn
The Retention Center in Blackboard
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