Mobile Teaching

Hostos EdTech is a national leader in introducing and facilitating innovative ways of using recording/video streaming applications and smart mobile devices in teaching and learning. Please talk to us about how we can help you in your plans to go mobile both for your classroom and distance.


The EdTech Media Center offers powerful software and hardware technology to capture and record lessons, classroom activities and  quickly and easily be make them available as streaming media and podcasts.



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The Panopto Building Block allows us to add powerful media tools to Blackboard, combing the best features of video sharing, webcam recording, screen recording, and more all within the Blackboard Learn environment. Creating and sharing multimedia learning content is easier than ever using this intuitive tool.




Camtasia is the most powerful software available for creating full-blown interactive multimedia e-Learning presentations and modules. You can record a lecture just as Tegrity does but it also have at your disposal the video editing capabilities similar to iMovie or Movie Maker, inserting other audio, video and still image media into the lesson both during and after the recording, can create an interactive site with menus using the user-friendly tool, and save the recording in a huge variety of formats including Quicktime for streaming and m4v for video podcasts. This is the preferred software for creating podcasts from a PC.


VideoScribe is a powerful application that allows users with little or no design and drawing skills to create professional quality whiteboard animation and presentation videos.   Images, text, music and voiceover can be added to to the creations.  EdTech has licenses for VideoScribe and its staff can assist you in creating your presentations.

Adobe Creative Suite

Hostos Community College owns a site license that permits the applications of the Adobe Creative Suite – including Photoshop, Illustrator,  InDesign, Premiere, AfterEffects, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash and others.  To have them installed on your Hostos-issued computer (not your personal computer!) you need to place a job request to the Hostos IT office. To do that go to this link:

Submit an IT Job Request

EdTech staff can assist you in using the applications.  Edtech design interns act as consultants to help you create almost any type of print or digital publication you need using the Adobe apps.



iPods  The iPod Touch with its powerful information gathering and sharing capabilities has enormous potential for changing the way students learn, whether in the classroom or off-campus. Not only can it be used to view and listen to podcasts that instructors upload, but there are thousands of educational apps available for it and it can be synched to Blackboard. Flashcards and practice quizzes can be created for it and uploaded to Internet communities for sharing, facilitating collaboration. Currently EdTech has 120 iPods available for pedagogical use, and the staff can assist you in developing the iPod to fit your teaching style.

iPads EdTech has 30 iPad 3s to lend for faculty to to determine how it could be used in their teaching.  The pedagogical potential of these devices is enormous, as an eTextbook reader, a notetaker that connects to the “Cloud”, and thousands of apps that can be used for activities and assignments that achieve educational goals.  Contact the EdTech office for information on borrowing an iPad.


Personal Response Systems (PRS, clickers) are small personal devices that transmit and record student responses to questions. A small, portable receiving station is placed in the front of the class to collect and record student responses. Each clicker can be registered to a student (or not, depending on the teacher’s prerogative) and generates a unique, identifiable signal. The system allows for active participation by all students and provides immediate feedback to the instructor—and the students. Currently EdTech has 2 types of clickers available, the Turning Technology ResponseCard and the Interwrite PRS and the EdTech staff is happy to provide guidance and support. Below is a video produced by Western Washington University on using clickers in the classroom.


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