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The New CUNY Login for Blackboard Starting July 3, 2017, CUNY CIS began the long-awaited move towards the single sign-on to the CUNY Online environment by implementing the CUNY Login for Blackboard. Now, instead of logging into Blackboard using the CUNY Portal Usename and Password, you login using your CUNYfirst username and password. The format of the username is (if your CUNYfirst username is john.smith22, as an example) When you try to connect to Blackboard through any Blackboard link, such as on the Hostos main webpage or the CUNY webpage, the link takes you to a “landing page” that will have the login fields for Blackboard and eventually other CUNY applications that are being migrated out of the CUNY Portal, such as DegreeWorks. The username field is already prepopulated with the portion of the username, so all you will need to do is insert your CUNYfirst username before it.

This change from CUNY Portal to CUNYfirst as the login ID for Blackboard also means that your Username in Blackboard (not to be confused with the CUNY login discussed above) is your CUNYfirst Employee ID, not the 21-digit UUID from the CUNY portal LDAP. This will make it much easier for Bb admins and faculty to do seraches for Blackboard users, and make it easier for faculty to enroll faculty, guest observers and students in their courses.
For more info visit the CUNY Login FAQs:

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