EdTech Project Awarded CUNY’s Excellence in Technology Award by George Rosa


Carlos Guevara and George Rosa accept the Excellence in Technology Award, from Brian Cohen, Chief Information Officer of CUNY, at the CUNY EdTech conference. [click on photo to enlarge it]

All the winners of the project and service awards pose for the camera at the CUNY IT Conference. In the group pictured are Carlos Guevara at the extreme left.  Also pictured is Rafael Nunez of Hostos IT, in the rear row center left and Elkin Urrea, formerly of Hostos EdTech and currently of Lehman College IT, in the rear row center right. [click on photo to enlarge it]

Hostos EdTech was recognized by CUNY for the development of the “Are You Ready” online learning readiness course.  CUNY’s Excellence in Technology Award, described as an award “to recognize the outstanding IT  project that provides benefits to students, faculty and/or staff at a college or at CUNY” was presented to Carlos Guevara, the Director of EdTech, and George Rosa, Senior Instructional Designer and Hostos Blackboard Administrator by Brian Cohen, Chief Information Officer of CUNY, at the 2016 CUNY IT Conference in December 2016.   “Are You Ready” tests students on their readiness to do online coursework and provides training on various aspects of doing coursework in an online environment including basics on Blackboard and its features, apps, plugins, network access, what to expect  in an online course, and netiquette and Hostos/CUNY policies.  On completion students are issued a downloadable personlaized that can be presented to instructors.

Other campuses have realized that the Are You Ready course fulfills a need as online programs and course offerings expand across CUNY. Some campuses are already starting up their own Are You Ready course, relying on the content and structure developed by EdTech.

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